Compare Keurig Models

Compare Keurig models: Buyer’s Guide to All Models

Compare Keurig Models; Buyer’s Guide to All Models: There are over 50 different Keurig coffee maker models, many of which are specifically the same, but just come up with different accessories. Comparing the popular Keurig models will help you to determine which one you would want to have

Comparing Keurig Models: The New Arrivals

This article aims to provide a basic list of every model. Therefore, those potential buyers can better compare Keurig models.

New Keurig Models
  • Keurig K-Select
  • Keurig K-Elite

Keurig K-Select model


Compare Keurig Models

Keurig has received a lot of critical press when they released its Keurig 2.0 system, which required users to purchase only Keurig-licensed pods. For those who preferred to buy third-party capsules that were not explicitly labeled as “Keurig licensed,” the scanning technology immediately prevented them from working apparently.

So, what makes the K-Select different?

  • K-Select has a 52 Oz water reservoir.
  • K-Select emphasizes the Strength Control feature for stronger brews
  • K-Select highlights a 12 Oz brew setting whereas K50 maxes at 10 Oz
Keurig K-Elite

Using the Keurig K-Elite, users can brew a stronger coffee that can then be iced to the appropriate attention. This is somewhat similar to the iced coffee system.

In my opinion, you will still get better-iced coffee from a concentrated espresso, as you can make with a Nespresso machine or a cold brew coffee. However, cold brew takes almost a full day to brew, you probably are not always that much patience.

Aside from the iced brew functionality, the Keurig K-Elite is much similar to the K-Select. Here is the following differences:

  • This model brews a 4 Oz coffee.
  • It has a larger 75 Oz water reservoir versus K-Select’s 52 oz reservoir.
  • This model also has Additional Temperature Control functionality.
  • Keurig k-elite has an LCD clock display.
Compare Keurig Models: The K -Series

The K series is Keurig’s most recent line of brewers, coming after the company re-branded their B series brewers. Therefore, there are some models of the Keurig k-series. The basic description of them is given below.

Keurig K10
  • If it has stopped, it will be replaced by the K15.
  • The K10 Mini truly is mini.
  • It does not have a water reservoir and needs to be filled every time up to its 10 Oz max brew size.
  • It measures less than one foot in every direction.
Keurig K15
  • It does not have a water reservoir and must be filled before every use (up to the 10 Oz max capacity).
  • it has a very tiny countertop footprint.
  • Like the K10 and every other Keurig 1.0 brewer, this model does not have more advanced Keurig 2.0 brewing technology.
  • There are some pros and cons of owning an older 1.0 system. The greatest pro is the ability to brew any kind of K-Cup. The major con is that your coffee’s strength is instantly tied to the volume of the cup : bigger cups tend to be weaker : and that is exasperated by the lack of a brew strength feature on the K10/K15.
Keurig K40
  • The K40 varies from the B40 with its brew size selector:
  • The B40 brews small mugs (8 Oz) at the same time big mugs (10 Oz)
  • The K40 brews small cups (6 Oz) also small mugs (8 Oz) and finally large mugs (10 Oz)
Keurig K50
  • The Keurig K50 is part of the Keurig Hot product line.
  • It is always 20 seconds away from starting a fully heated brew.
  • It is similar compares to the Keurig K40 and K55 in that they all have a 48 Oz water reservoir and brew 3 different sizes from (6-10) oz.
Keurig K55
  • The K55 offers a quality and tasteful cup of coffee at an affordable price.
  • It has no touch screen, no water temperature or brew strength controls and
  • It also has no advanced Keurig 2.0 technology.
Keurig K60
  • The k60 is a discontinued model.
  • The K60 is advertised as Keurig’s “mid-luxury” brewer, pretty much because it has an added blue backlit LCD screen.
  • It also has a slightly larger 60 oz water reservoir and a temperature control feature (187-192ºF).
  • The Auto-Off time is set using the 6 and 10 Oz serving buttons, which describe hours and minutes, sequentially.
Keurig K130
  • The k130 has designed specifically for the hospitality industry,
  • The K130 is simple, lightweight, intended to be easy to use.
  • It has a small footprint; it even has usage directions running up the left front panel!
  • Compared to other Keurig brewers the K130 is a good deal slower, taking almost 3 minutes to brew a single 8 Oz cup.
Keurig K145
  • Keurig K145 is part of Keurig’s commercial line and is intended for use in smaller office contexts.
  • It has a 48 Oz water reservoir and a convenient Drain Brewer function for easy washing.
Keurig K150
  • K150 has a heavy-duty brewer with a colorful interface and a slick silver exterior.
  • The K150 is one of the most attractive Keurig coffee makers available.
  • It is compatible with direct water line plumbing.
  • It will allow users to select brew temperature up or down in oneºF increments from 188ºF-198ºF.
  • The users can also set the brewer to start or turn off at given times and adjust both the brew size and the display language.
Keurig K200
  • K200 does have a Strong Brew setting. With a black and white touch display screen, users have access to that function.
  • It also has 10 different size selections including 3 larger K-Carafe sizes from 22-30 oz.
  • There are a few caveats about the brew size, As a Keurig 2.0 brewer; users can only select some sizes if they insert the proper pod.
  • K-Cup pods: 4-10 Oz
  • K-Mug pods: 10-16 Oz
  • K-Carafe pods: 22-30 Oz
Keurig K400
  • The K400 has a color touch display with some extra functionality customizable wallpaper.
  • This model has a larger 70 oz water reservoir.
  • It has the facility of Auto-On/Off.
  • K400 has a Brew temperature selector (low, low/medium, medium, and medium/high, high).
  • It also has Customizable wallpaper on a color screen.
Keurig K450
  • The K450 follows in the footsteps of the K400 by integrating a color touch display.
  • It has a larger 70 Oz water reservoir, temperature control selectors, and a few extra features.
  • The only difference between the K400 and K450 is that both come with a Keurig Carafe, however, the K450 also comes with a water filter starter- kit.

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Compare Keurig Models: The B Series

Keurig initially launched its company with the B series line of brewers. However, the transition to the K series as part of a marketing effort to re-brand the company. The models below are all discontinued and generally correspond to the K series brewer of the equivalent number.

Keurig B40
  • The B40 varies from the K40 with its brew size selector.
  • The K40 has the ability to brew a smaller 6 Oz cup.
  • It has 3 buttons for the 3 brew sizes. This is not correct. The user manual linked to below depicts the two brew sizes.
Keurig B60
  • The B60 is the inferior machine due to its smaller water reservoir with 48 Oz vs the K60’s 60 Oz reservoir.
  • It has a Display of Blue backlit LCD control panel, one-touch button brewing.
Keurig B70
  • The B70 is an awesome single-serve coffee maker. It is the latest version of the B60 and is a quieter machine than its predecessor is.
  • Featuring 5 different brew sizes, the ability to program your favorite brew size, and a temperature control selector; it is now understandable why the B70 has sold so many units over the last decade. It really is one of Keurig’s most recognizable and reliable models.

Compare Keurig Models: The Vue Series

The Vue series by Keurig trades some of the most premium K series features, such as a massive water reservoir and carafe-sized beverages, for the ability to brew cafe drinks with the frother functionality.

Keurig V500

Keurig 2.0 brewers can be annoying in the sense that the size of users’ brew is tied directly to the type of pods you use. The following are the ready and available brew sizes by pod type for the Vue series:

  • Coffee pods: 4-16 Oz
  • Tea/Other pods: 6-12 Oz
  • Hot Cocoa: 6-10 Oz

Keurig V500 has a large 60 Oz water reservoir, but users can only brew K-Vue pods unless they purchase the adapter, which allows them to brew K-Cup pods or their own coffee grounds.

Keurig V600

The V600 has a couple of improvements over the Keurig V500:

  • It has the ability to brew 18 Oz beverages.
  • Keurig V500 Comes with a variety K-Vue boxes.
  • Apart from that, they are the same machine.
  • It has a Water Reservoir of 60 oz.
  • It has an amazing Display with a Black and white touchscreen.
Keurig V700

The small improvement upwards continues with the Keurig V700.

  • It maintains all of the V600’s features but adds a few extra ounces to the water reservoir.
  • The V700’s touch screen is also updated to a full-color version.
  • It also has a Display of a Full-color touchscreen.

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Conclusion (Compare Keurig Model)

There is a huge number of Keurig models. so when someone is going to purchase any of these models of Keurig, therefore, they need to compare of Keurig model which one will be the best for them purchasing. Some of the models of Keurig have been described will help than buying the most chosen-able model for them.

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