How many Coffee Pods are Sold Each Year

How many Coffee Pods are Sold Each Year? Global Coffee Market

Global Coffee Market | Worldwide Distribution: Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Considering health effects and low side effects, it is arguably the best in all traditions and locals. Not to mention its affordability and easy making process. Despite having such an impactful drink, it has up and down in the international coffee market. Sometimes the sale goes pretty well and sometimes it goes on the other way.

Different climate changes and the pandemic situation can also hamper growth. Considering all these things, we are going to talk about how the coffee market works along with detailed information such as how many coffee pods are sold each year. So, without any more talking let’s jump into the review and learn more about them.

Coffee Market:

As you have got a little idea about our discussing matter today. We are going to talk about coffee and its global market. If you are a coffee lover then it may sound interesting to learn about how many coffee pods are sold each year. It may help you to get an idea about how many people getting coffee every day like you.

Besides, I will also help you learn how the international coffee market operates. You will learn about different coffee types and their popularity along with the individual demand. Moreover, different country has different storage and trading policies. Let’s talk about them elaborately in the review below.

Types of Coffee

The first thing would be coffee types. When we are going to talk about the market, we have to know about the product’s different types. As for coffee, there are more than 27 types of popular coffee types available. Tradition and culture create such variant offerings. Get a quick look at the list below. We will describe some of them.

  • Espresso

Espresso is not any type of hybrid coffee. Rather it is one of the base coffee types where only the raw coffee flavor matters. It is made of dark ground. You need an espresso machine to get this type. Many popular hybrid coffees are made of espresso.

  • Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a modified version of espresso coffee. It has 3 basic layers made of steamed milk, frothed milk, and espresso coffee. It is the most common milk mixed espresso coffee.

  • Frappuccino

It is one of the sweetest and favorite coffee types. It is a hybrid type rather than a basic coffee type. Its base is espresso coffee that also blends with milk, different flavored syrup, and sugar. In the final step, it gets mixed with ice and whip cream for the sweetest flavor.

  • Caramel Macchiato

This type of coffee pretty similar to our previous pick FRAPPUCCINO but comes with a bit more flavor. It especially comes with a caramel layer and no sugar. Espresso, milk, vanilla syrup are the major ingredients of the coffee.

  • Cafe Mocha

Instead of creams, if you are a chocolate lover then this type of coffee would be a blessing for you. Café Mocha offers a sweet and thick chocolate layer along with espresso coffee and whipped milk.

  • Americano

Now we have an exclusive and traditional coffee. Americano is quite different than other coffees. It gives you the raw and hot flavor. It has only two layers like espresso on the bottom and hot water on top of it.

  • Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is quite similar to Americano but it has a sweet flavor. The water is mixed with sugar where Americano only comes with raw hot water.

  • Cafe Cubano

Cafe Cubano is pretty similar to both Americano and Turkish coffee but its bottom layer is pure ground coffee. Unlike the raw water flavor, it gives a sweet one.

  • Cafe Latte

It is one of the most popular ones as you should recognize by the name. It is the famous Latte coffee. It has 3 layers like coffee, steamed milk, and frothed milk on top of the cup. It is also popular for the classic art style on the top with the frothed milk. The coffee market trends are always high for Latte.

  • Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is pretty traditional and made with local demand. Instead of different flavor ingredients, it exclusively comes with whiskey. There are 3 layers made of coffee, whiskey, and whipped cream on top.

  • Affogato

It is another traditional coffee that comes with a unique taste. It has only 2 layers made of gelato and espresso. The mixed flavor is amazingly tasty and sweet to have.

  • Iced Coffee

A popular and simple coffee with a cold and sweet taste. It has two layers of coffee with iced coffee and milk on top of it.

World Coffee Market


Coffee Market


The coffee market has a large distribution procedure and sale strategy depending on the demand. It is effective depending on the traditional and local favor. From the statistics, the usual yearly sale is more than 10 billion. Although the sale record is even higher for the single coffee capsule. Popular brands like Nestle or Nespresso have more than 20 billion sales per year. Even a single country may have more than 1 billion regular coffee bud sales.

Current Coffee Price


Coffee Price


The price is pretty different and depends on the local or global situation. The coffee market price today can be learned from global or US sales market price. Usually, a single cup of coffee may cost less than $1 but it will be much higher for different hybrid coffee types. Not to mention, the serving brand also makes its own price range.

From $1, it can reach more than $100. Several factors are active to determine the price. Ground beans quality, store charge, ingredient price, rarity, efficiency, taste quality, and more.

Final Word: How many Coffee Pods Are Sold Each Year?

As the most popular beverage around the world, coffee has introduced us to a versatile taste preference. No drink is as customizable as coffee. You can set different tastes, flavors, colors, and more. On top of that, regular coffee drinking gives you many short and long-term health benefits.

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As for the market, it goes up and down very often. Every global situation affects that. Roughly, there are more than 1 billion sales only for the single pod. So, do you get the idea of how many coffee pods are sold each year? Overall, the stat is even higher. Check your official distributors’ commercial coffee market report to learn about it.

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