Why is Keurig not pumping water

Why is Keurig not pumping water? Best Possible Solutions

Why is Keurig not pumping water? Reasons and the best possible solutions. Things can get messier when your Keurig machine would not work just fine. Just imagine you wake up, head towards your kitchen, probably got late, and when you stretch your hand to prepare that favorite taste of your coffee, suddenly you realize that something is not right.

How would you feel when your Keurig is not pumping water? What would that sound be? Your Keurig not brewing coffee would be the last thing you would just want to imagine. The reasons behind your Keurig not working and the possible ways to turn it around are explained below.

Why is Keurig not pumping water? All you Need to Know

Why is Keurig not pumping water?

Presence of Air in the Line

Sometimes it is very hard for one to think about this point. This very possible cause can trouble users a lot. There is nothing much to do. Follow the steps below and see what happens.

  • Take out the reservoir from the machine and fill it up to about a quarter full or so then put it back
  • Then Lift the reservoir up and down rapidly and consistently until users can see some small air bubbles coming up from the water intake place at the bottom.
  • Keep doing so until there are no more bubbles rising
  • Once that is done, fill up the reservoir to the fill level then power your machine
  • Afterward, things should get back up and be running if the steps above are followed the latter.
  • In this easy trick, the method helps air from the line to be driven out hence re-instating the machine functionality back to normal. For those who tried this trick out, it worked like magic!

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Clogged Water Line and Filter

Seemingly, this is the major reason as to why your Keurig stopped pumping water or could only pump a little. In maximum cases, the kind of water that people use in their machines has been the cause of this malfunction. If you use tap water or water from the well, remember that such waters have lots of minerals calcium inclusive.

The minerals build up in the tiny water lines of the Keurig machine and as a result, hinder the system. If this is the case in the coffee maker, then you could try performing the following tricks to descale and clean your machine. The use of vinegar has proven to work like magic.

  • Firstly, fill the machine’s reservoir with undiluted white vinegar to the fill level or you could use half vinegar and half water. Whatever the case should work just fine.
  • Next, place a coffee cup on the drip tray. just Make sure the lid is air-tight closed and then run a brew cycle
  • Then Run a second brew cycle after pouring the contents of the coffee cup back into the water reservoir. In this second round, turn off the machine immediately after it begins dispensing the liquid.
  • Leave the brewer rest for about 30 minutes before moving to the next step fill the water reservoir with distilled water then run another brew cycle.
  • remember to Repeat the above steps until the reservoir is drained completely
  • If the above steps are done appropriately should fix your problem within the shortest, time possible. At times, you will realize that your coffee has a funny taste. In such scenarios, you need to run multiple brew cycles using clean or rather distilled water until things get back to normal situation.

Assume the above was not your case, and then you might want to check out the next possible error. Remember that as much as these fixes may work for others, they might also fail to work in your case. Therefore, you should go through each exhaustively until you find something that works out for you.

The More Water please Misconception

Two probable things might have happened here. Either you are using the wrong type of water or your reservoir is causing the problem by sending some incorrect signals to the machine. Worry not. Here is what you should do to eradicate this error.

  • Firstly, refill the water reservoir to the best level fill. Make sure it is well placed back in the unit then hit the continue button. if that Didn’t work, Let’s keep going
  • Now pull out the water reservoir and then empty the contents.
  • Clean it by hand. Be certain to use a non-abrasive piece of cloth and rinse thoroughly.
  • be sure to check that the valve is not clogged at all
  • If that does then fill the reservoir and place it back in the unit. Make sure it is well placed. If it still did not work, then you might want to try this final method.
  • Now In the reservoir, a float normally runs on top of it. If messed up at the bottom, the possibility of your machine not getting the correct signals are high.
  • Now do some little shaking or tapping, your Keurig machine should get back to doing things correctly.

If you are still facing the water pumping problem. No worries! There is still hope for you. You can follow the following steps.

  • Damaged pump:

It is high time you carefully checked whether your water pump is causing the major impediment. It is obvious that some of these parts get to wear out after working for quite some time. If you figure out that the pump has been totally damaged, then you will have to substitute it with a new one. The only important thing here is for you to be certain that you purchase the exact one that matches the features of your current Keurig machine.

  • In this stage, do not make the mistake of getting something just for the sake of a replacement. This is something that you do not want to get yourself into it. It is also absolute for you to seek some technical or professional help particularly if you are new to such things.
  • At times performing a full check might be needed if you have all the time. It can be highly effective and save you from the difficulty of trying out every possible fix method. The method that we are about to go through might be what you just require.

Therefore, if you are strong-minded to do it yourself, and then let us get down to do that!

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Instruments for Fixing the problem

This is for you to perform this strongly; you will need the following instruments;

  • A screwdriver
  • A small parking knife with a sharp end
  • A toothpick or something equivalent and
  • A plastic thumbtack

It is desirable that you excise a lot of caution when walking down this road. Therefore, here are a few things to do that should fix your Keurig problem.

1. Starting off by Eliminating the Cover under the Handle

Being the most troublesome piece of the entire procedure, you ought to see precisely what you’re. We would prefer not to get harm or cause more issues to the machine either. With the top spread evacuated, you’ll have the option to obviously observe the parts that are making issues with your machine.

2. Working on the Interior

Since the interior parts are well visible, it is time to find out what exactly is the problem. You will find a blade that feeds the water into the pack. In addition, you can see a rubber hose and another blade below this one. Using your toothpick, slowly and very thoroughly poke into the three holes in the upper blade.

Then you can mark some dried coffee grounds clinging around. Eliminate them as well. In addition, remember to pay close attention to everything that you are doing. Make sure that all the hose ends are fine and no blockages. Now once you feel satisfied with everything that you have done, now you can return the removed parts back in place.

3. Testing the Coffee Maker

At the point when done restoring the upper case, supplant the water reservoir, top it off then run a brew cycle. Everything more likely returned to the ordinary and your machine siphoning water fine and dandy. While the above advances may seem extreme and somewhat specialized, continuing with control will guarantee that you accomplish precisely what you need.

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Conclusion on Why is Keurig not pumping water?

Why is Keurig not pumping water?

There are a few reasons why is Keurig not pumping water. With all the above tips and traps, you’ll never miss your preferred espresso taste again. However, if our solutions did not work for you, then you ought to consider getting your telephone and call the client care support for more help.

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