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Best Nespresso Machines 2022: Buyer Guide With Recommendation

Best Nespresso Machine: Which one to Buy? Nespresso machines can be fantastic-they provide an effortless way to make your coffee in the morning. Yet, the selection of the device is much less straightforward. There’s a wide range of Nespresso-compatible machines on the market, and some of the most popular models will be covered in this guide.

Are you an espresso fan who doesn’t want to spend too much effort on such drinks? Yes? Then you are in luck!

Because today, we will give you the perfect solution to help you enjoy espresso-based drinks without having to dedicate too much tedious effort. And that solution is a “Nespresso Machine.” That’s right. A Nespresso machine is all you need to make your dream come true. But, not all products in the market are of good quality. That’s why we have prepared a list of the best Nespresso machines to buy in 2022 just for you.

But before we jump straight to the list, there is one important thing that you need to pay attention to. There are several factors that are crucial in choosing a suitable Nespresso machine. As a matter of fact, we follow these guiding principles ourselves. And so, we have decided to reveal the secret and help you out in the buying process. So, please give it a read.

What To Consider Before Buying a Nespresso Machine?

  • Original vs. Vertuo

You will find two types of Nespresso machines in the market. These are- Original and Vertuo. The Original machines are very versatile in brewing espresso-based drinks like latte, cappuccino, etc. There are a variety of available original Nespresso machines in the market that come in a wide range of prices, features, design, etc. On the other hand, a Vertuo machine has the ability to brew other coffee types in addition to the espresso. So, based on your preferences, you should pick a suitable product. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that the capsules cannot be used interchangeably for one another.

  • Price

When you are buying a Nespresso machine, you are saving a lot of trouble brewing the perfect espresso-based drinks that are only found in coffee shops. So, it is very typical for such machines to be a bit pricier. Again, the capsules are also costlier if you compare them with coffee beans or grounds. But, it won’t make you broke. Plus, once you get the hang of it, you won’t regret any bit of it.

  • Size

In comparison to other coffee makers, the Nespresso machines usually tend to be more compact in design. So, you won’t have to worry about their size. A hint of advice that we can give you is to measure your kitchen space beforehand, where you are willing to place the machine. Then accordingly, choose a product that fits the space. And two other significant things that concern the size are the water reservoir and the capsules. Make sure to check them out and see if it fits your requirements.

  • Heat-up Time

The heat-up time in these machines is a bonus if you compare it with other coffee machines. On average, they can take up to 20 seconds. But, the time can vary from product to product. Nonetheless, the one thing you should remember is that you will brew faster than regular espresso machines.

In this review article, we will talk about the Best 5 Nespresso Machines of 2022. We let you know which are our top picks, and we’ll also highlight some of each machine’s pros and cons so that you can select your favourite one without any hassle.

Top Best Nespresso Machines 2022 (Top Picks Reviewed)

Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine: Best Overall


Our first pick is the Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine. When it comes to Breville, you know that you can’t be disappointed with its quality. This beast can brew exceptional quality coffee in the blink of an eye. Admittedly, the coffee is somewhat stronger than the ones brewed by regular coffee makers. But, that can certainly be a benefit for people who love their beverages to be robust.

The machine is well-designed and gives a nice vibe if you have it in your kitchen. This machine’s two handy features are the large 40 oz water reservoir and the 15-second heat-up time. It creates the perfect combination to give you hassle-free coffees in no time. It also includes an Aerocinno 3 milk frother, a gift from heaven for those who are a big fan of latte and cappuccino. However, this coffee maker does restrict its users by only being compatible with Vertuo coffee capsules.

  • Brews exceptional coffee
  • Nice and compact design
  • Extensive water reservoir to save the filling trouble
  • 15-second heat-up time.
  • Includes 12 coffee capsules
  • Includes an Aeroccino 3 milk frother
  • Only supports Vertuo coffee capsules
  • The coffee can be a bit stronger for certain people

Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Espresso Machine: Best High End


Our second pick is a high-end product from Breville. The Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Espresso Machine is a must-have coffee maker if you are in deep love with espresso-based drinks and are willing to pay anything to brew that dreamy cup of java. With a wide of settings, you can brew quality espresso beverages with push-button controls. An interesting fact about this machine is that it can heat up in just 3 seconds, which is unbelievable.

It also includes an automatic built-in milk frother for those of you who love a bit of art on your latte or cappuccino. However, the price can be a concern for some people who are not ready to pay that much for an espresso machine. Again, getting to know the machine can take time and effort, which not everyone is willing to invest. All in all, apart from the high price, the machine is well-designed and does give a luxurious look.

  • Nice design
  • Multiple espresso-based drinks option
  • Integrated automatic milk frother
  • Fast brewing
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Quite expensive
  • It can take time to learn and master all the options

Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine: Best Sustainable


The next product on the list is the Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine. This coffee maker is made of 54% recycled materials and delivers a smart tech-rich experience. In addition, it’s very compact and won’t take up any additional kitchen space. It also has a feature called auto-shutoff, which is very efficient in saving energy. So, you can clearly understand that the machine is very sustainable from all perspectives. And talking about the quality of coffee, we are glad to say that it is very decent and consistent.

The manufacturers did a great job by including 12 Vertuo coffee capsules that come in various sizes and flavours. Furthermore, for smooth frothing, you can always rely on the Aeroccino milk frother. Based on the price, this espresso machine is totally worth the purchase. However, one thing that we honestly don’t appreciate is the heat-up time. It takes comparatively a longer time to heat up the machine. So, that can add somewhat boring moments to the whole coffee brewing process.

  • Reasonable price
  • Very compact design
  • The best sustainable espresso machine
  • Energy efficient
  • 12 Vertuo coffee capsules included
  • Aeroccino milk frother included
  • It takes time to heat up
  • Smaller capsule container

Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine: Best Compact Design


The Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine is a good pick for those who are on a tight budget and want to get a quality coffee experience. It has a slim and compact design. But don’t underestimate it for its small size because it can surely satisfy you with its service. It can produce up to 19-bars of pressure which is very good for espresso shots. The machine can heat up within 25-30 seconds. So, that’s pretty good to save some time.

Not only that, it does a great job of saving energy by automatically shutting off after 9 minutes of brewing the coffee. The manufacturers did an excellent job by including 14 capsules with different flavors. So, you won’t need to invest time and money exploring the ones that you like best.

  • Very affordable
  • Compact design easy for portability
  • Includes 14 capsules
  • Energy-efficient
  • No frother included
  • Small capsule container

Wacaco Minipresso NS: Best for Travel


For anyone who wants to take your Nespresso machine on the go, we have the Wacaco Minipresso NS for you. Apart from its tiny compact design, what makes it best for travel is the electricity-free usage. That’s right. You don’t need any electricity to run the machine. All you need is hot water and the Nespresso capsules. And boom!

You are all set. But, unlike the other Nespresso machines that can work automatically with the push of a button, this baby needs a bit of effort to brew your coffee. Nonetheless, we believe, with its meagre price, the coffee maker can indeed expect for you a little more effort than usual.

  • Very inexpensive
  • Very compact and suitable for travel
  • Durable body
  • It can be a bit messy
  • A little manual work needs to be done

Final Verdict: Best Nespresso Machines


We had to try and test multiple Nespresso machines from well-known brands to come up with this narrow list. We tried to make an honest and comprehensive review of each of the products for your betterment. We have also included a buying guide which we believe is enough to show you the correct path to choosing the best Nespresso machine that matches your preferences. So, it is now up to you to decide which one to pick from the list of the Best Nespresso machines.

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It’s fair to say that Nespresso has revolutionized home espresso, and is setting a very high standard for single-serve coffee makers. It’s a great experience to step into a Nespresso retail store- if you’ve got one nearby consider visiting. Unfortunately, not all Nespresso machines are identical in quality of usability, durability, or even brewing. For this reason, buying one for yourself is kind of a daunting task. That’s why we have come up with reviews of the best Nespresso Machines. Read our analysis above and buy the best one for you with just a click!

Frequently Answered Questions

  • Is it Worth Buying a Nespresso machine?

Yes, it is worth buying a Nespresso machine if you don’t want to dedicate too much time and effort to master the art of brewing the perfect shots of espresso.

  • How Long should a Nespresso machine last?

A Nespresso machine should last about 5 to 10 years.

  • Can I use tap water in my Nespresso?

If your tap water is cold and fine to drink, you can use it in your Nespresso.

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