Best Delonghi Espresso Machines

Best Delonghi Espresso Machines 2022: All Models Compared

Best 6 Delonghi Espresso Machine 2022: Your Guide to Buy the Best: When it comes to quality espresso machines, the DeLonghi brand has always been one of the premier brands. DeLonghi is generally one of the most trusted manufacturers of home appliances. In terms of their product quality, DeLonghi has a well-established name; their espresso machines continue this tradition of top-of-the-line appliances, resulting in a wide range of prices. If you intend to purchase an espresso machine shortly and want to buy from a well-known company, then DeLonghi should be on your shortlist.

If you’re looking specifically for DeLonghi espresso machines, then you’ve come to the right location. In this article, we are going to review the best 6 Delonghi Espresso machines. Let’s run down the best DeLonghi espresso machines available today on the market!

Top 6 Best Delonghi Espresso Machines 2022

1. DeLonghi EC680M DEDICA Espresso Machine


It is one of the smallest espresso machines we’ve seen on the market, taking up just about 6-inch space on a countertop. Don’t let the little frame confuse you; the DEDICA is one of DeLonghi’s finest espresso machines. One of its best features is the use of Thermo-block technology to help speed up the process of healing. The DEDICA has clocked a record 35 seconds to adequately heat up the water reservoir. The machine is made of a durable stainless steel body and comes with an automatic flow stop.

The DEDICA has also a qualified pressure pump with 15 bars to produce smooth and satisfying frothy milk. The higher price tag also means that it comes with some nifty features that will maximize comfort. One of those features is its notification function, which warns you when the system is to be descaled. The built-in steam regulator will also help ensure whether the temperature rates are where they should be when making great espresso. Even the DEDICA is designed to prepare Americanos and even a soothing cup of tea.

This is a small and lightweight espresso machine which is an excellent choice for homes with limited space. Well-made and robust, some may consider it too light as rotating the filter would cause the entire device to move. Even, this is a fantastic DeLonghi espresso machine with a range of functions to justify the price tag.

  • It has a fast brewing process with its rapid heating thermo-block technology
  • It comes with a manual frother that works excellent
  • It has a built-in cup warmer
  • This model is sleek and compact
  • This model comes with a hefty price tag
  • It is so minimal that it feels awkward to operate this

2. DeLonghi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker


DeLonghi’s EC155 espresso machine is one of the more budget-friendly choices for espresso lovers not able to afford the high-end versions on the market. You should not think of the EC155 as an inferior model because that would be a complete underestimation of its capabilities. In fact, the EC155 is one of the most well-rounded espresso machines that is priced below $100 so you can get your hands on it easily. The EC155 crosses out all the boxes in terms of how easy it’s to use. It comes with an easily removable filter and a self-priming option that allows for rapid espresso preparation without affecting its consistency and flavor.

It can also prepare one or two espresso shots depending on which of the three-in-one filter holder you use. The unit is built from a body of excellent quality stainless steel and is remarkably well designed. While the EC155 espresso machine won’t be able to hold its own with high-end models, it’s a solid choice for those looking for a cheaper alternative. An EC155 espresso machine is an ideal option for espresso aficionados who can’t afford the costlier versions on the market that will offer everything you need to fulfill your espresso fix. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and provides the right amount of flexibility that isn’t popular with its price bracket on an espresso machine.

  • Both coffee grounds and pods compatible
  • The price tag is absolutely affordable
  • The maintenance and cleaning is very easy
  • The quality of tamper is quite underwhelming

3. DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker



This is a heavy-duty piece of machine that comes with a commercial-grade design. One of its charms is the conventional espresso elegance, along with its ability to deliver outstanding espresso, double espresso, cappuccino, and latte. The EC702 model features the standard 15 bar pressure pump with a manual milk frother to give your espresso beverage the finishing touch. As we noted at the beginning of this section, this is a heavy-duty espresso maker as demonstrated by its 1.3-liter water tank. It also features an automated flow stop and a detachable drip tray to significantly make cleaning more manageable.

The EC702 espresso machine with its specially built filter is also compatible with the brewing ground coffee as well as the espresso pods. Additional features include a cup warmer which prevents your drink from cooling down for a few hours. This model also comes with both water level and vapor pressure thermostats. It comes with a special filter, which makes it considerably simpler and easier to prepare a cup of great-tasting espresso. Obviously, the style exudes a conventional appeal that coffee enthusiasts would certainly enjoy seeing in their kitchen.

  • Its special filter is compatible with both coffee grounds and espresso pods
  • The water tank is removable and has a decent capacity
  • It warms up quite fast to an appropriate temperature
  • It feels a bit cheap

4. DeLonghi America EN750MB Lattissima Pro Original Espresso Machine



The Nespresso Lattissima is part of the high-end espresso machine series at DeLonghi. The quality of espresso that this machine can generate will easily match up to the espresso of barista quality, and all you need is a push of a button on your part. This particular espresso machine helps you make a wide range of coffee drinks while preserving its flavor and aroma with a smooth, creamy, and thick foam.

This would be the best DeLonghi espresso machine out there. The Nespresso Lattissima is supposed to offer more modern technology with its higher price tag, and so it does. First of all, you will note that it uses a touchscreen LED which makes this machine run as smoothly as possible. Within a minute you will have the machine making morning beverages from espresso to ristretto. For quicker operation, it is pre-programmed with six drinks.

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Additional features the Nespresso model provides is a flexible 0.5-liter filter that can accommodate up to sixteen pods/capsules of coffee. If you want to retain content in the fridge for later use, you can remove the filter container too. This is one of the top high-end espresso machine variants DeLonghi has in its catalog. It comes with all the usual features but it also has remarkable enhancements. It integrates modern technologies in its architecture to further improve the overall comfort it can provide for an enthusiast of espressos. When you have the money to spend on that, this espresso machine is a worthy investment.

  • The design is contemporary and minimalist
  • The automatic functions are handy
  • It has an automatic cleaning system
  • The milk froth volume is adjustable
  • The price tag is quite hefty

5. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Maker


The DeLonghi Magnifica is a fairly magnificent espresso machine, true to its name. Certainly, its fusion of a traditional appearance with contemporary features helps to separate it from the pack. This is also one of the higher-end models from DeLonghi and is around the same price as the one from Nespresso Lattissima. One feature of the Magnifica that drives it above and beyond the regular espresso machine is that it comes with a high-quality conical burr grinder for grinding coffee beans. Yes, this is a grind and a brew espresso machine, a product that coffee fiends would surely welcome with open arms. It’s capabilities in espresso-making haves the patented DeLonghi cappuccino system that delivers smooth and creamy milk foam. The machine also integrates dual boiler system technology which significantly speeds up the brewing process. This espresso machine also needs little manual input and as it is fully automatic. Just click the correct form of drink you want, and get your cup ready, that’s all about it. The Magnifica comes with all the bells and whistles present in most modern espresso manufacturers and it also manages to provide all the advantages in both the convenience and quality of the drink.

The Magnifica’s price tag alone would limit its intended consumer base, that is, espresso and coffee aficionados, considerably. This is a well-made all-in-one coffee/espresso maker built to please the coffee fiend inside of you. Its user-friendly features drive this further as one of the best espresso machines that money can buy in today’s market.

  • A built-in, conical burr grinder comes with it
  • It’s extremely energy efficient as it has an automatic shutdown feature
  • This model can be cleaned easily
  • This model is one of the most expensive espresso makers by DeLonghi

6. DeLonghi ESAM3500.N Magnifica Digital Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine


Try the high-end DeLonghi Magnifica Digital with super-automatic features, if you want pure espresso delight with outstanding cappuccino froth. The high price may discourage you from buying this magnificent DeLonghi, but it will well be worth the purchase. The Magnifica Digital has a patented Cappuccino Frothing System that mixes steam and milk accurately so that you have one of the best and most flavourful cappuccinos. This lightweight coffee maker also features an easy-to-use rotary and push-button control panel with programmable menu settings that will work well for everyone.

The ESAM3500.N Magnifica is one of DeLonghi’s most popular models that could offer so many captivating coffee brews at any time. The built-in grinder will automatically allow you to ‘Direct-to-brew’ without any sweat and guess.

  • It has patented “Cappuccino System” frother
  • It comes with easy-to-use rotary and push-button control panel with programmable menu settings
  • It grinds beans instantly with the patented “Direct-to-Brew” system
  • It takes a lot less time to clean
  • It comes with professional-quality, conical low-pitch burr grinder
  • It uses 1,150 watts of power
  • The water container is small

Best Delonghi Espresso Machines 2022: Verdict

If you ask us our absolute favorite among these 6 models, we will always choose the ESAM3300 and EC702. They are two amazing models of espresso maker machines manufactured by DeLonghi. We prefer the Magnifica ESAM3300’s super-automatic features that are very easy to use.

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We don’t even have to buy a separate grinder, so we should be saving a lot. Whereas, the EC702 is perfect for our preferred pods, which our teenage kids are so fond of. It’s a big thing for us because this coffee machine can be used with both coffee grounds and pods.


Fortunately, thanks to its versatility, design features, elegance, and affordability, the DeLonghi line of espresso machines never fails to fascinate coffee fanatics worldwide. But the ample amount of models available in the market can make it troublesome for you to make the ultimate decision. That’s why we have come up with reviews of the best 6 DeLonghi Espresso Coffee Makers 2022 to help you buy the best one. Take your decision and buy your favorite one with just a click from here!

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