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Best Kona Coffee Brands 2022: Top Picks Tasted & Reviewed

Best 9 Kona Coffee Brands 2022: Top Picks Tasted & Reviewed: Our Nine Kona coffee reviews are the result of many hours of testing (and much more jittery energy). We take our coffee tests seriously, researching each cup and ranking them based on the criteria that matter the most to busy consumers.

Taste is our priority number one. All our coffees are fit to please even the pickiest of palates. Nevertheless, we also take into account aspects of the user experience. We have selected choices from the packaging down to the price that meets all of your main concerns. Below are some of Kona’s best-tasted coffee items on the market! In this article, we are going to review the best 11 Kona Coffee brands of 2022. Stick with us till the end and buy your favorite Kona Coffee with just one click from the links given below!

Top 9 Best Kona Coffee Brands 2022: (Ranked According to Taste)

1. Hawaiian Lion 24K Gold Roast


Without a doubt, our top ground Kona coffee is the Hawaiian Lion 24 K Gold Roast. This gourmet coffee is available in a compact drip grind-and it’s hard to resist the full-bodied taste. This Kona medium-roast coffee has a strong, robust flavor that gives you a very strong drinking experience. New, heavy, and just a little exotic, this coffee is a holiday in a cup.

  • Gourmet flavor
  • Available in drip grind size
  • Full-bodied, strong, and smooth
  • Pricey

2. Royal Kona Decaffeinated 100% Kona Coffee


If you’re looking for a good cup of Kona-style decaf coffee, you might enjoy a 100 percent blend of Royal Kona. This flavorful coffee is sun-roasted and made on a single Hawaiian estate in small batches. The restricted roasting process ensures that, in every jar, only the finest beans do. The care and commitment translate into a smooth taste and a strong flavor with which lower-end coffees cannot compete. Unfortunately, the coffee leaves an unpleasant bitter aftertaste uncommon for this price product.

  • Sun-roasted
  • Smooth, robust flavor
  • Decaf
  • Bitter aftertaste

3. Landor Hawaiian Kona Coffee Medium Roast Whole Bean



The Kona Coffee from Hawaii is a single source commodity made from pure Arabica beans. The subtlety with the coffee is a blessing and a curse. The mild taste on the one hand indicates a relaxingly mellow drinking experience. On the other hand, the taste may seem almost subdued, especially when compared with some of the other items on our list. There’s a lot of interest to that mix, though. This is one of the most affordable choices on our list, which makes it a good choice for people who have been scared by our last two coffees’ price tags.

  • Affordable
  • Large quantity
  • Smooth drinking experience
  • Some people find the flavor to be a bit muted

4. Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee



Our fifth option is a promise of freshness. Farm-fresh is a single-origin coffee grown on a small Hawaiian farm. The beans are organically grown, collected by workers (who get a reasonable salary paid), and dried in the sun. The simplicity of the method produces a truly special taste that you cannot find elsewhere. The flavor is rich and smoky, with spicy undertones that distinguish the coffee from comparable products.

  • Unique spicy flavor
  • Organically grown
  • Single-origin beans
  • Unusually low caffeine count

5. Kona Kulana 100% Kona Coffee Dark Roast Beans



The Kona Kulana is a dark roast that has won awards. This coffee features low acidity which allows a healthy and smooth taste of the finished product. That gives plenty of room to shine to the beans’ natural flavors. Cinnamon, brown sugar and even lavender can be found by astute tasters. The overall beverage experience is extremely good right up to the end. There are however two main exceptions. The aftertaste appears to come across as somewhat bitter, reducing the overall experience of drinking. It also tends to be more acidic than some of the other coffees (which, by the way, possibly leads in the first place to bitterness).

  • Award-winning coffee
  • Low acidity
  • Balanced and smooth flavor
  • Bitter aftertaste

6. Cameron’s Light-Roast Kona Blend (Ground)


You’ve also noticed that a lot of the choices on this page are very expensive. It can be difficult to get a good price because of how Kona beans are produced and processed, making Cameron’s Coffee Bag an attractive opportunity. This inexpensive coffee is carefully roasted in every reasonably priced cup, to maximize the taste factor. In order to minimize pollution, carefully picked beans are roasted in a sustainable environment. The taste isn’t as sophisticated as some of the choices. You may be willing to sacrifice a bit of complexity to enjoy a tasty, inexpensive product though.

  • Great product
  • Sustainably produced
  • Unsophisticated taste

7. Landor Hawaiian Kona Coffee Light Roast Whole Bean



For drinkers who enjoy an understated taste, the Hawaiian Kona Coffee light roast is a subtle choice. This is a whole bean product that gives every cup a tremendous amount of freshness. The understated, alkaline-enhanced taste for customers shying away from more acidic coffees would be a welcome treat. It’s a fairly good coffee but it doesn’t do anything to distinguish itself from the other choices on our list.

Given the good and fresh taste, the exorbitant price is cause for some concern. You will get a coffee with a little more to say for the price you spend in here.

  • Very fresh
  • Pricey
  • Lacks value in comparison to the other options

8. KonaRed Ground Dark-Roast Kona Blend Coffee


The KonaRed is a moderately priced alternative that will be especially fond of buyers on a budget. This coffee promotes a healthy, smooth drinking experience and features chocolate caramel notes in the background with a subtly floral touch to it. The complex mix of flavors is only made more appealing by the dedication of the business to eco-production practices.

The beans are hand-roasted in small lots for low impact on the environment and a truly unique taste. Although the coffee is slightly more acidic than we like to see, it’s still a really smooth overall experience. Note that this drug is not especially potent.

  • Environmental
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Unique flavor profile
  • A little too acidic
  • Not very pronounced taste or aroma

9. Volcanica Coffee – Hawaiian Kona Coffee


Like most of the coffees on this list, the Volcanica beans have also earned the coveted Extra Fancy grade. They’ll please those coffee lovers with a fuller body who want a rich flavor but also enjoy mellow brews with low acidity. Besides whole beans, Volcanica also offers these ready-ground beans as per your tastes, which is a bonus if you don’t like home grinding. The beans are roasted only after purchase, so you can be sure they’re as fresh as possible.

  • Grown at high altitude
  • Shade-grown
  • Low acidity
  • Some people found the lack of taste

Verdict: Best Kona Coffee Brands 2022

That of our coffee reviews with Kona helped you make a final decision? The idea is often that you will know exactly what you want by this point, but that is always easier said than done when faced with 10 great coffees. There are a few standout choices on our list which should appeal widely to certain types of drinkers.

If you’re looking for pre-ground coffee, the Hawaiian Lion 24 K Gold Roast, a delicious variety available in a convenient drip grind format, could interest you. So, if you prefer decaf, take a look at the 100 percent Kona Coffee from the Royal Kona Decaf. There are also good budgetary options for consumers. The Landor Trading Co. Kona Coffee is an outstanding blend of price and affordability.

Conclusion: Best Kona Coffee Brands 2022

Kona coffee is simply Arabica coffee grown, harvested, and processed in the Kona region; the Mauna Loa and Hualalai Hills in the northern and southern Kona districts of Hawaii’s big island. Simply put: Their name comes from the area they grow in. But buying the coffee from the market yourself can be a hassle as there are many options available in the market.

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That is why we have come up with this article where we have reviewed the best 11 Kona coffee brands of 2022. Go through the article, find out the pros and cons of every variety, and get the best suit Kona coffee for yourself without any hassle with just one click from the links given above!

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