Best Guatemalan Coffee Brands

Best Guatemalan Coffee Brands 2022: Top Picks Tasted & Reviewed

Best Guatemalan Coffee Brands 2022: Top Picks Tasted & Reviewed: If you know the coffee, you’ve probably heard about the Guatemalan type. Yet did you know Guatemala is the 10th largest coffee producer in the world and the second-largest specialty coffee producer in the world? Much of Guatemala’s coffee is roasted at or above 5,000 feet, giving it a sparkling acidity and making it ideal for specialty coffee enthusiasts.

With the coffee world so huge we want to be your guide through Guatemala’s hills. We bought and checked hundreds of coffees to help you find your new favorite brand, and came up with this list of the five best Guatemalan coffee brands in 2022. We wrote comprehensive reviews, as well as a short buyer’s guide. Read on to learn about the best coffee from Guatemala!

Top 6 Best Guatemalan Coffee Brands (Reviews & Guide)

1. Volcanica Guatemala Peaberry Coffee


Guatemalan Volcanica’s Peaberry is a wildly common bean, and for good reason. It’s a rich experience and a complex one. At its peak, the Guatemala Peaberry from Volcanica is a glossy example of what Guatemalan coffee is meant to be: a little sweet with sparkling acidity and chocolate tones. The price tag is by no means prohibitive. In fact, in the specialty coffee world, we would say it is hovering around on average.

It is also a flexible bean. A cold brew is the best way to brew this bean, which really lets the acidity be the show’s star. This is a medium-level roasted coffee, with a great body. A few reports have been made that this coffee can arrive stale when it is delivered.

  • Exemplifies Guatemala
  • Nice roast
  • Wonderful cold brew
  • Inconsistent

2. Cooper’s Cask Guatemalan Cold Brew Coffee

While Organic Cooper’s Cask Guatemalan is roasted specifically for cold brewing, it is equally delicious in a pour-over, French press, or drip unit. This is a gorgeously smooth coffee with raspberry, caramel, and chocolate notes. It is also Organic certified, and small batch-roasted to a great medium standard.

This delicious coffee is creamy and smooth-and available in a coarse grind size! Reports were provided that this coffee was being delivered stale. However, this roaster’s customer service has a great reputation and is well known for offering full refunds.

  • Specifically roasted for cold brew
  • Creamy and smooth
  • Organic and small batch-roasted
  • Great customer service
  • May arrive stale

3. Two Volcanoes Guatemala


As far as pre-ground coffee goes, this Two Volcanoes blend is the perfect one. It’s a blended dark roast that gives this coffee the best chance to be flavorful at its best. When a roaster is doing a blend, especially in bulk, getting the coffee ratios wrong, having a defect, etc., is so easy.

This is usually why roasters such dark roast coffees, particularly if they are going to sell it pre-ground. While this is a blend, the notes you’d expect from a Guatemalan coffee, most noticeably chocolate and caramel, still remain. You will consider them obviously not as pronounced. It needs to be pointed out that you have a greater risk of having a bad batch with pre-ground coffee because it will be stale shortly after you get it as the shelf life of coffee decreases drastically after it has been grounded.

  • Highlights Guatemalan coffee
  • Nice, dark roast
  • Goes bad quicker than the whole bean
  • Not as bright as other Guatemalans

4. Volcanica Guatemala Coffee


The Decaf Guatemala offering from Volcanica, as a medium roast, is a delicious cup. In a rich, full-bodied experience the notes of chocolate and nuts come through. It is similar to our top pick, though it was decaf that caused it to slip the list down. The coffee was grown in volcanic ash, which is where we notice so much of the acidity brightness. Know, these are the same beans as the caffeinated ones, and the only difference is that they’ve been through a cycle of extracting their caffeine from them.

  • Great decaf
  • Grown in volcanic ash
  • Not as flavorful as regular

5. Java Planet – Guatemalan USDA Organic Coffee Beans


Java Planet’s organic blend packs a potent flavor and is easy on acidity. Filled with caramel and fruit flavor, the beans are both sweet and succulent. This medium roast is perfect for those looking to enjoy a nice, savory cup of joe. Java Planet has Fair Trade certification, SMBC Bird-Safe certification, and is 100 percent chemical and pesticide-free. So not only are their coffee beans roasted with quality of flavor in mind, but the quality behind the company is also great.

  • No use of pesticides
  • Roasted in small batches
  • Some people got heartburn

6. Pablo’s Pride Guatemala Whole Bean Coffee


This one is pretty good for being the last coffee on our list. It doesn’t have the sophistication that other Guatemalan coffees have, but it carries notes of chocolate and caramel and is bodied to the full. With this coffee, it might be best to play around with your brewing process. People have all kinds of encounters with Pablo. Others swear by percolators, some by cold brew, but all agree this is a fine coffee. One gripe is that the acidity is very weak, which is what a drink usually carries.

  • Versatile
  • Low acidity
  • Low complexity

Verdict- Best Guatemalan Coffee Brands 2022

The verdict is in! Our favorite is Guatemala Peaberry Coffee from Volcanica, a sweet, acidic, and chocolate bean which is sold at a fair price. If you would prefer ground coffee, we recommend Two Volcanoes, which is a well-rounded combination of chocolate and caramel notes. And if you’re looking for a decaf alternative, try the Decaffeinated Guatemalan Coffee from Volcanica, which is impressively flavorful, creamy, and full-bodied.

Buyer Guide

There are so many things to consider when considering what type of coffee to buy, even once you decide to buy Guatemalan. The roast, the place it was grown, the method of brewing that you have at home : these are all significant. And how can you figure out what’s best for you as regards Guatemalan coffee? Below are a variety of things you may want to remember.


If you are interested in their special flavors, you buy Guatemalan beans and you don’t want a roast that will overshadow those flavors. Light roasts leave the coffee with complex fruity and floral tastes, and the lighter a Guatemalan coffee is, the more complex it will be. Here you can find spice and fruit notes, as well as nutty chocolate and caramel. If you prefer dark roasts, then there are also several good choices. Also, with a deep dark roast, chocolate notes in a Guatemalan coffee usually shine through. You’ll find hints of other flavors : fruits, spices, and caramel : but mostly, you’ll sip on a creamy cup of chocolatey coffee.

Single-Origin or Blend?

Single-origin coffee beans should have the most unique flavors while mixtures also yield smooth, well-rounded flavors. In one country, a single-origin coffee bag contains only beans from one producer, crop, or region. Keep in mind that blends that contain beans from around the globe, so if you’re trying to explore the different flavors of Guatemala, you’ll want to make sure you’re selecting an all-Guatemala blend.


It’s easy to see why Guatemalan coffee is so popular with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and nuts, plus a sparkling high-altitude acidity. The coffee world is wonderfully big, and we’re pleased to be discovering it. Often the first step can be the toughest and we hope these reviews can support you on your search for the perfect Guatemalan bean. With your new coffee beans, you can start the adventure by trying different roast stages, brewing methods, and processes.

But don’t lose yourself among the number of options as there are a lot in the market. That is why we have come up with this article where we have reviewed the 6 best Guatemalan coffee brands of 2022. Go through the article, find your most favorite one, and buy asap with just one click from the links given above!

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