Best Espresso K-Cups: Best Choices & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Best Espresso K-Cups

Best Espresso K-Cups 2021: We know how hard it is to make a perfect cup of espresso at home. It doesn’t matter what kind of machine we are using or the ingredients we put in. It always takes some to brew and make an excellent cup of espresso. Because first, we need to grind the coffee beans, add other ingredients, and then wait for the machine to ready our drink. Still, you are not sure that you are going to get the same taste as cafeteria espresso. This is the reason why the best espresso K cups come in.

We know everyone’s habits are different. Some used to have black coffee in the morning, and on the other side, some used to have a creamy texture and added sugar coffee. We only know these two kinds of recipes to make a perfect cup of coffee. The flavor and brewing time of espresso is more than the regular coffee, and it is more challenging than the regular coffee. Here are the Best Espresso K-Cups Best Choices & Buyer’s Guide 2020

Top 7 Best Espresso K-Cups to Buy in 2021:

Keurig Espresso Roast...image Keurig Espresso Roast Variety Pack, Single-Serve Coffee K-Cup Pods Sampler, 24 Count Check Price on Amazon
Café Bustelo Espresso...image Café Bustelo Espresso Style Dark Roast Coffee, K Cups for Keurig Makers, 12 Count (Pack of 6) Check Price on Amazon
SF Bay Coffee...image SF Bay Coffee Espresso Roast 36 Ct Dark Roast Compostable Coffee Pods Check Price on Amazon
Starbucks Verismo Espresso...image Starbucks Dark Roast Verismo Coffee Pods- 6 boxes (72 pods) Check Price on Amazon
Lavazza Perfetto Single-Serve...image Lavazza Perfetto Single-Serve Coffee K-Cups for Keurig Brewer, 16-Count Box Net WT 5.5 Oz Check Price on Amazon
Rainforest Espresso Coffee Rainforest Espresso Coffee Check Price on Amazon
Brooklyn Beans Express-O...image Brooklyn Beans Express-O Gourmet Coffee Pods, Compatible with 2.0 Keurig K Cup Brewers, 40 Count Check Price on Amazon

1. Caribou Coffee Keurig Espresso K-Cup Sampler Pack:


Best Espresso K-Cups 2020

The first product in our list of best espresso K cups is Caribou Coffee Keurig Espresso sampler pack. It comes with 24 packets of K-cups.

You would love to know that the flavors are divided into four categories, and every six groups of K-cups has a different flavor. The flavors are Vista 44º N, Real Inspiration, Vanilla, and Caramel. These packets are compatible brewing with K-cafe and K-latte brewers. However, the only downside of the packets we found after personally using it for the home is, It is not intense and robust as a fresh espresso drink. You will find the two primary flavors delicious, and the other two are a bit sweet in the taste.

These kinds of packets are usually best for the people who are looking for something strong and instant. It means, they do not have to grind coffee beans, brew and then the other parts.

This is for your information that these packets are compatible with Keurig Machines and K-cafe brewers. You cannot be able to use these packets on a regular machine. Although, If I do share my personal experience, then this product does satisfy the sweetness need I was having. Thus, I liked the product. However, everyone’s choices are different, but if you do want to try some excellent and different flavors, then Caribou Coffee Keurig Espresso Roast Variety Sampler Pack would be the best choice.

Pros & Cons

  • It comes with 24-K cups.
  • Comes with four flavors.
  • It works with K-cafe and K-Latte brewers.
  • The flavors are not strong enough.

2. Café Bustelo Espresso Style K Cup Pods:


Best Espresso K-Cups 2020

The next product on our list is Café Bustelo Espresso Style K Cup Pods. This is one of the most robust K cup pods that makes the strongest espresso drink and can brew under a minute. It comes with a dark coffee flavor that does provide a strong flavor and can stand alone with any milk and sugar you add on it.

We know that these packets claim to provide the strong espresso drink, but unfortunately, after personally using this product, I do not find the same drink, I used to get in the cafeteria. This is strong no doubt, but not the exact like an espresso drink should be. However, these k-pods are compatible with all Keurig K-cup brewers. However, If I do talk about the cleaning part of the machine, after using this packet. Then, unfortunately, you need to clean the machine as it tends to clog some of the dust-ups on the machine.

Apart from the downsides of using this product, I found these packets the perfect choice for the people, who like to have a strong espresso drink but also not too strong. 

  • It comes with robust dark roast flavor
  • The flavor stands up to additives
  • Brews in under a minute
  • Compatible with all Keurig K-cup brewers
  • These packets are not strong enough as the espresso drink should be.
  • K-cups clogs the machine. Hence you need to clean it after using it.

3. San Francisco Bay Espresso Roast:


Espresso K-Cups

San Francisco Bay Espresso can be brewed like a regular cup of coffee. However, if you need to make an espresso drink, then you need to ground it finer. The best part of these K-cups, It is compatible with every Keurig machine and several coffee brewers.

San Francisco is one of the well-known family brands for producing an excellent quality of K-cups. This particular K-cups can be a little too much. It is decaf for those people who usually cannot tolerate caffeine or having a problem digesting it.

However, this decaf drink is generally stronger than the other decaf K-cups drinks in the market. I am sure you are going to love to use these K-cups. There is only one downside of the product I have found after using it. That is, It gets watered down when made in larger cups.

There is a strange film made on the side of the cups when you dip it down. Otherwise, I do found these K-cups suitable for every espresso lover.

  • It can brew as a regular coffee. Otherwise, you can ground it finer for espresso purposes.
  • It is primarily for the Keurig machines and K-cups holders.
  • It is one of the most famous and family-run companies.
  • You can have a taste of decaf.
  • Too much strong for a decaf.
  • Coffee is usually watered down in larger cup sizes.
  • The film made on top of the coffee mug.

4. Starbucks Verismo Espresso K-Cup Roast:


Most people love to visit the Starbucks Cafeteria for having an excellent cup of espresso drink. The fourth K-cup product on our list is all about providing the same and unique flavor as Starbucks.

Yes, I am talking about Starbucks Verismo Espresso K-cup Roast. This is one of the best brands, and it comes in a size of six boxes along with 12 different dark robust flavors. It is usually used to brew the excellent cup of coffee and other drinks, the same you find in most of the cafeteria. The thing I liked the most about this product is the flavors. I love every flavor except the plain dark roast flavor. It was quite unusual in taste. Otherwise, everything in terms of taste, flavor, and hardness is perfect. It does taste like a kind of burnt chocolate.

Another downside of this product is, It is only compatible with the Starbucks Verismo machine, and it cannot be used on non-verismo machines. However, we also found that around 10% of pods don’t precisely make the cup. This could be the best purchase for the people who want to taste like the Starbucks cafeteria.

  • It comes with six boxes, and every box has 12 different flavors.
  • You can quickly brew high-quality espresso.
  • It is for the Starbucks verismo system. 
  • Not compatible with non-Verismo machines
  • Dark roast has burnt flavor
  • 10% of pods don’t work

5. Lavazza Perfetto Single-Serve Espresso K-Cups:


The next product on our list is Lavazza Perfetto Single-Serve Espresso K-cups. This company is advertised to deliver high-quality, bold Italian dark flavor with a lingering caramel taste.

We know that most companies advertise to sell their products or have a better place in the market. Thus, this company is doing the same. However, I do not think that the information they are advertising is 100% true.

I thought to order this product personally and what I have found is it not has the same flavor as Lavazza Perfetto’s bagged coffee does. Moreover, there are many downsides to using these K-cups. First of all, the coffee you get from these K-cups is nobody and cannot compete with a regular drink. Second, the watered down and bitter taste.

If you ask me, I will do not recommend these K-cups to the people after using it. However, It can be the best deal for the people looking for the K-cups for the time being, or they want to try some of the brands at first.

  • It has bold Italian dark roast flavor with a caramel taste.
  • Keurig-quality
  • Doesn’t taste like the company’s bagged coffee
  • Watered and bitter taste.

6. Green Mountain Rain forest Espresso:


Best Espresso K-Cups

Green Mountain is another company for providing excellent products for K-cups. The best part of this brand is, the K-cups are compatible with every Keurig machine.

Green Mountain was the first company to bring Keurig technology along with K-cups. It uses their once-proprietary K-cup to deliver the robust espresso drink.

The best part of Green Mountain K-cups is, the coffee beans and other ingredients used to make, are of finest and pure quality, and It usually gets imported from South America. Green Mountain is 100% Rain forest Alliance Certified. So, I don’t there is anything left to trust this product and brand.

If any product after the product which takes first place in our list I suggest you are the Green Mountain K-cups. There is no downside to these K-cups apart from being high in the cost. However, this is usual, and It is evident if we want something better then we need to spend a little bit extra than our budget. 

  • Green Mountain is 100% Rain forest Alliance Certified.
  • Coffee beans imported from South America.
  • Finest quality.
  • Compatible with every Keurig machine.
  • It was the first company to bring Keurig in technology.
  • Overpriced

7. Brooklyn Beans Express-O Coffee Pods:


If you are looking for something robust and strong, then Brooklyn Beans Express-O coffee pads are for you. Brooklyn Beans is one of the most trusted brands for purchasing K-cups brewings.

The coffee beans used in this product are freshly roasted and filter brewed. They use only the highest quality of 100% Arabica beans. The K-cups from this brand will be having a high amount of caffeine. Therefore, It is not for the people who cannot tolerate a high amount of caffeine.

However, It can be perfect for those people who want to start their day with kick-ass energy. It is ideal if you live in any big city and usually need to get an energy boost. The thing I liked the most in this brand is, It delivers what they advertised. It means they do provide rich, full-bodied and robust espresso, which was initially invented for the coffee lovers.

In the end, Brooklyn beans Roastery Expresso pods are the most convenient way for the people to have the trademark and one of the finest espresso drinks at home.

  • High in caffeine, thus suitable for those who need instant energy.
  • It uses the most excellent quality of coffee beans.
  • The taste and flavor are the same as the brand. 
  • Not suitable for caffeine intolerant people.

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Best Espresso K-Cups 2021: The Final Verdict

Gone were the days when making espresso is a complicated task that requires bulky and expensive equipment. Nowadays, with the best espresso K-Cups, your espresso will be ready in a blink of an eye! It is not a genuine espresso with regards to the brewing method, but in terms of flavor, you can expect it to be comparable to a true espresso!

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