Best Coffee Bean Storage Containers

Best Coffee Bean Storage Containers: Top Picks 2022

Best Coffee Bean Storage Containers 2022: Where to put my coffee beans after opening the package? Two options: some jar or coffee grinder, right? But is that the best approach? And what if you like to grind a big batch and store it for the next few weeks? And most importantly, why are there so many coffee bean storage containers on the market? Who needs them if everyone can find an empty jar at home?

Below we will review the best coffee bean storage containers available, so you don’t need to spend too much time when going through endless lists of these kitchen gadgets. Our review will cover all four common material types (plastic, metal, glass, and ceramic) used for coffee storage containers. However, my suggestion would be to avoid ones that are made from plastic.

Note that since there is no benefit in storing coffee where air flows through more or less easily, all of our reviewed storage jars fall under the category: coffee bean vacuum storage, otherwise known as airtight coffee bean storage containers.

Top 6 Best Coffee Bean Storage Containers:


1. OXO Good Grips Pop Container:

Best Coffee Bean Storage Containers

If you are going to buy a 1lb bag of coffee, this is a gem of a coffee storage container for you. These are ideal for organizing your pantry, and what’s even better, you can store food in them, too. This is an airtight storage container, so there’s no way any freshness can get out while it’s closed. Push the button to seal it, and then push again to release. When it’s popped up, it serves as a handle, too.

It comes in several sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your needs the most. It allows you to keep snacks, pasta, coffee, rice, nuts, and other ingredients. Pouring is easy thanks to its rounded edges. Plus, you can snap the lid off and wash it in a dishwasher. The rest of the container isn’t dishwasher-safe.

This vacuum coffee container is an immaculate solution if you struggle with storage space. Because all sizes are stackable, you can keep as many as you need in your kitchen. With just one hand, you can quickly open, close, and seal the container. The sealing mechanism unscrews at the bottom half from the top half. There are arrows on the lid to help you with this.

Most importantly, it helps with keeping ground coffee fresh. Store coffee beans in there for prolonged freshness, as well.

  • Keeps coffee fresh
  • It’s versatile
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Sugar is hard to clean out of it
  • Not dishwasher-safe

2. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Canister With Scoop:



Best Coffee Bean Storage Containers 2020

If you’re not a fan of plastic canisters, stainless steel storage containers are an ideal solution for you. These premium canisters are long-lasting and effective. It’s a great ground coffee storage idea, despite being airtight. Plus, its metallic design is an eye-catching addition to your kitchen interior.

The Coffee Gator canister has a one-way valve that stops air and light from entering and spoiling your coffee. However, it does allow CO2 to leave the container. With this one, you’ll no longer have to trouble yourself with how to store whole bean coffee. Many people recommend a steel or metal storage container for various purposes. One of the reasons is that they are much more durable than plastic. Coffee Gator can definitely withstand rougher handling.

Unlike plastic, these are easily recyclable. If you ever wish to replace it with a new one, you can freely do so, knowing it doesn’t contaminate the planet. Coffee canisters with scoops aren’t something which is hardly seen. Having a scoop in there at all times is more convenient than you think, and you’d be grateful to have it.

The canisters come in different sizes and attractive metallic colors. They look lovely displayed on your counter though you can put them away as well if you like. The smallest are some of the best travel containers since they can comfortably fit in any bag.

  • Various sizes and colors
  • Features a track wheel
  • Versatile
  • Recyclable
  • It scratches easily
  • The scoop is too big for some jar sizes

3. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Cannister with CO2 Valve and Scoop:


If you don’t need the eBook and travel jar with your canister, this might be an excellent option to consider. It has similar qualities to the one above, though it features a few different things. Coffee Gator claims this container keeps your coffee fresher than ever. This metal storage container protects your coffee as well as beans from all other flavors.

It allows you to track your coffee’s expiration date, so you know you’re always getting the freshest coffee possible. All you have to do is log the expiry or purchase date and stop wasting coffee. These coffee canisters come in different sizes and colors you can choose based on your needs and preferences. Some colors have a metallic finish, while others are matte. Nonetheless, they all look amazing if you wish to keep them on your countertop.

It’s made of surgical-grade stainless steel, which is always a better option than plastic. Not only it’s more durable, but it’s an eco-friendly option that’s easier to recycle. The jar features a quick seal and releases a bail clasp that keeps away all the moisture and light that could harm your coffee. The huge Coffee Gator canister can hold up to 453g of ground coffee and 482g of the whole bean. It’s about 19cm in height.

  • Many sizes and colors to choose from
  • Features a one-way CO2 release valve
  • Freshness tracker
  • Holds up big packs of coffee
  • Not the sturdiest design
  • The date wheel is tricky.
  • Valves need replacing

4. Friis Stainless Steel Coffee Vault:

If you want to protect your coffee, there’s hardly a better decision than getting a vault. A Friis Coffee Vault is one of the finest coffee storage containers that the market has to offer. It’s made of stainless steel, which is a great eco-friendly option. Plus, it looks luxurious, so you’ll gladly leave it out on your countertop.

One of the best things about this vault is the fact that it prevents odor transfer. This means you can switch between different beans and coffee types, and the flavors won’t get mixed up. It’s easy to open and close at any time. The vault is about 16oz. So, a pound of whole bean coffee can be stored there.

Remember the one-way valve we mentioned earlier? Well, the Friis was the one to introduce it to the market in the first place. There’s no other comparison to its quality, and that’s why it’s been leading since day one.

Regardless of whether you store whole bean or ground coffee, the valve will help coffee remain fresh for a long time. However, all valves need replacing from time to time, so you’ll need to buy a new one at some point. The coffee vault is suggested for people who are frequent coffee drinkers. The main reason for this is the valve itself. Though it keeps out the CO2, because of it, the vault isn’t wholly air-tight.

  • Features a CO2 filter
  • Can accommodate up to one pound of coffee
  • Free filters program from the manufacturer
  • Replacing filters is an ongoing expense
  • Not really airtight

5. Planetary Design Airscape Coffee Cannister:

Best Coffee Bean Storage Containers

This is treated as an original Airscape canister for coffee and food storage. If you’re wondering how to store ground coffee long term, this is one of the good solutions. It features a patented lid that keeps all the air and odors out of your coffee. It retains all the right flavors and freshness for a prolonged period.

What’s best is that you can keep different ingredients in it, too. Store anything from sugar, tea, coffee, cereal, flour, seeds, cookies, nuts to pet food, or any other food item you want to keep fresh. The Planetary Design coffee canister is another eco-friendly option that’s BPA-free. It’s made of restaurant-grade stainless steel featuring an enamel paint finish. It looks nice and modern, so you can keep it on your countertop if you wish.

It features a clear insert on the inside that’s still airtight, but it allows you to see how much coffee you have left. This best coffee storage container can be found in multiple colors. It also comes in two sizes, but the 64 oz. is the perfect size to hold up to 1lb. of coffee. It’s the best size for your kitchen, though there’s another smaller one that’s 32oz.

  • It leaves no air in the container
  • It comes in different sizes and colors.
  • Eco-friendly and BPA-free
  • Kind of big
  • Is the biggest option available

6. Coffeevac The Ultimate Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container:


The manufacturer says it’s Europe’s number 1 coffee vac container. It keeps your coffee fresh, rich, and flavorful for a long time. It features a patented vacuum system that creates a partial vacuum seal. This helps keep the air out while it preserves freshness and aroma. Like many tight vac containers, this one is convenient and suitable for multi-use. It allows you to store different ingredients such as flour, tea, cereal, herbs, spices, etc.

To preserve your coffee, push the button down and close the lid. This will force some air out, creating a tight seal. Though it’s easy to use, the lid is a bit of study, and you might need two hands to handle it. This might seem like a setback, but it’s great if you have kids since they won’t be able to open it as easily.

There are many colors that you can choose from based on your kitchen interior. You can even opt for the clear and tinted versions. This is equally as good as an opaque, airtight container, though make sure you keep them away from direct sunlight. This coffee storage canister can hold up to 16 oz. / 500g of ground or coffee beans. It measures about 19.5 x 12cm. It’s a versatile and economical use of storage or countertop space. However, don’t be fooled by its name. Though there’s a “vac” in its name, it isn’t a vacuum-sealed canister. It will pump out some air and keep your coffee fresh, but the fact is that its name is somewhat misleading.

  • Easy to operate
  • Safe to use and recyclable
  • It comes in many different colors
  • Easily holds up a pound of coffee
  • Misleading name

The Final Verdict- Best Coffee Bean Storage Containers:

Some people consider coffee to be the most important part of their mornings. Even if you don’t give it much priority, we’re sure you still like to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee at some point during the day.

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To preserve its freshness, you must take good care of your whole bean and ground coffee from the moment you open it. The more you pay attention to that, the longer your coffee will last. Keeping that in mind, we’ve created the list above of the best coffee bean storage containers. We’ve provided a versatile selection of coffee canisters that fit everyone’s needs and liking.

If you’ve taken the time to read all the reviews, you’ve probably decided on which one of these would fit you the best. If not, take a second look at all these reviews and make sure you’ve considered everything. Each one of these models is top-notch and the highest-reviewed by coffee lovers all over the world.

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