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What is Peaberry Coffee? What Makes it Special? Complete Guide

What is Peaberry Coffee and Why Is It Considered So Special: So Peaberry, one of those things you only come to know once you get into the world of coffee. There’s a whole fan base for this different type of coffee, but most of them don’t even know what Peaberry Coffee is like, and we’re here to teach you this. This article will clarify everything you need to know about the Peaberry coffee beans and the different characteristics it brings to the table. In this article, we will understand what Peaberry coffee is and what makes it so unique. So, stay tuned!

What is Peaberry Coffee?

What’s so great about Peaberry coffee, or unique? We have to mention a few things, and the first is the origin of this unique type of bean. That’s part of the fun because this bean isn’t just something that can be mass-produced, which is part of why it’s so loved and respected.

We have to get to the roasting point after that, which is slightly different from regular coffee, which gives it another taste. But enough of these spoilers. Let’s move on to the necessary information and get to know in-depth about the Peaberry coffee bean.

What makes Peaberry Coffee So Special?


What is Peaberry Coffee?

  • Selection

The Peaberry coffee bean’s first step is fine, selection, and that’s why it’s so hard to get through. You usually find two coffee beans in cherry (the fruit of the coffee plant), which share the middle of the fruit, which is why you can find one flat face on each bean because they face each other. The Peaberry, however, is a rare occurrence that happens when only one of the seeds is fertilized, and it grows on its own, without anything to flatten its face. So is a Peaberry born!

This is a rare occurrence; it happens with about 5 percent of all coffee beans harvested, making it a minimal and unique product to be treated as such. The more circular shape brings the name Pea(berry) to the table, while common beans can be named Flat(berry) to distinguish when speaking of this commodity.

So yeah, Peaberry is just 5 percent of the coffee beans, and obviously, you only get 1 Peaberry for every two regular beans you could get, so yeah, the production is quite limited. That’s why you should pay a premium for this product. Depending on the consistency, we are talking about 3-5 times the price of a standard coffee cup.

  • Roasting

Another critical aspect of the euphoria of Peaberry is, well, the roasting. These roast completely differently than regular flat beans, meaning they have to be separated even further, and the roast is “exclusive.” Many people say that Peaberry beans are roasted “better” than flat beans because the shape helps them roast more evenly.

After all, in the roasting chamber, it can “roll” better. Some people also say that the bean density helps with heat transfer, thus achieving a better roast and a better taste. On the other side, some people say that the taste is modified because they receive sorting and superior handling.

  • Taste

You are moving on to perhaps the most contentious part of the article, Peaberry coffee taste. The taste is greatly influenced by a lot of factors in regular coffee, not just roasting. We are talking about something, well, that can affect the plant. That includes, among many others, origin, region, weather, type of bean, freshness.

But the brewing process is what can be a game-changer in my experience for anyone who loves their coffee. It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best coffee; if you don’t know how to brew it, you’re probably going to ruin it or at least not get the result you’ve been looking for.

In our view, Peaberry is something that only “experts” of coffee can seek. The chances of actually brewing the coffee then and adequately differentiate between a regular flat bean and a Peaberry bean from the same batch will be hard for someone new. The safest bet is that you’ve got a particular favorite already, a bean that makes your days. Then you should try to find a type of Peaberry to feel a difference, and then you will be able to judge after that.

What Makes Peaberry Coffee So Expensive?

Peaberry Coffee is often more expensive than a normal flat bean, and that’s due to the special care that it gets and how rare it is, as we mentioned above. Possibly all the extra labor needed is the biggest reason Peaberry will cost more than regular coffee. No machine can detect Peaberry, particularly in vast batches of coffee.

So what happens typically before a bag of Peaberry coffee enters the stores is that the company can get more people to go at the batch of beans and search near all the Peaberry in the package. This is far from easy now, as Peaberry only occurs in about 5-10 percent of the harvested fruits. All this extra effort alone would be enough to raise the price significantly, but besides that, companies also see the value in marketing those beans as exotic and premium.

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With Peaberry being only 5 percent of the total yield, that makes it a rare product already. You can then add “extras.” The handling and selection, for example, that extra step will cost quite a bit already. You should then add roasting, which means more costs, which translates into a price rise.

All this influences the price, and Peaberry coffee is treated as a “premium” product. So we can advise you to try the flat and pea variant of the same batch. That’s the only real way to know if the actual different flavor of the Peaberry is what you like or just the taste of that kind of coffee.

Is Peaberry Coffee a Better Option?

Now, to the last question! Is Peaberry coffee better than regular coffee? Well … we always say the best coffee is the one you like the most, so if you try a Peaberry and fall in love with it altogether, go ahead and say it’s better. However, we highly recommend you try the non-pea version of the same batch to see if you like it the same way, as it can save you a bit of cash.


The only real way to decide if the coffee is worth the effort is to go out and try it yourself. While a whole bag of Peaberry coffee may be too expensive for just a test, there are plenty of cafes where you can try a tiny cup of coffee, or you can even ask your Peaberry friends if you can try it. And if you taste the difference and like it, go ahead and get a bag from your local roaster or places like Amazon online.

But if you don’t taste a difference, you’re not alone and may even be better off sipping on your regular coffee cup. We tried to give you a good idea about what Peaberry coffee is and what is so special about it. We hope you will be able to gather the necessary knowledge regarding the topic of this article.

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