Café Bustelo Coffee Review

Café Bustelo Coffee Review: Best Cheapest Specialty Coffee?

Café Bustelo Coffee Review: Best Cheapest Specialty Coffee 2022? Drinking coffee nowadays has become a common habit for everyone. But the cost of the coffee sometimes can cut your pocket. In this article, we are going to review Café Bustelo. This is a cost-accessible choice that everyone can afford. From this article, you can get to know the pros and cons of this low-cost brand and whether you should give it a try or not.

Café Bustelo Coffee Review

Let’s continue with the Brand’s ethos. Café Bustelo was started nearly a century ago in New York by a young Spanish immigrant. His name was Gregorio Bustelo, and his dream was to bring a unique profile of Latin American coffee to (and beyond) East Harlem.

In most United States areas, this type of coffee profile is far out of the go-to palate. But Gregorio was inspired by the taste of the coffee he’d encountered during his travels, mostly Cuba’s, and there was no going back. In 1928 Gregorio first opened a shop and drummed up demand by going door-to-door in communities nearby. The brand gradually developed and expanded up to Miami. Almost everywhere you can find it and Café Bustelo is a household name within the Latin coffee community.


El Original – Ground

Their primary line of espresso ground is sold in the form of can, canister, and brick. They are also selling a “Supreme” line in cans, bricks, bags, and a Decaf product sold in cans (The Supreme Espresso is available as a whole bean option). The Supreme pre-ground or whole bean coffee from Café Bustelo is made from 100 percent Arabica beans. As a result, it has less of a kick of caffeine and is less bitter as well. Yet, it still has the regular blend’s distinctive flavor.

  • Café Bustelo Coffee Espresso Ground Coffee



If you want a nice morning cup of joe, this coffee will leave you more than satisfied. It is one of the best pre-grounded coffee. The flavor is well-round.

  • Café Bustelo Coffee Espresso, Ground Coffee Brick


This one is perfect for iced coffee. It has a great taste and can be cleaned easily. It is a dark roast coffee that is always flavorful.

Sabor Latino al Instante – Instant

In addition to their common ground coffee, Café Bustelo is also renowned for its instant coffee. Single-serve boxes, small containers, and larger freeze-dried canisters are available for this section. As with the ground range, decaf includes the instant lineup. There are also a few flavored coffees in the instant range: Café con Leche and Café con Chocolat. Overall the instant line-up tends to have less of the bitter aftertaste of the first line from Bustelo.

  • Café Bustelo Coffee, Espresso Style Instant Coffee:



The smell of this coffee is heavenly, and it tastes perfect. This product has so many uses and is handy to keep on hand. If you love a good cup of coffee and don’t have the time to make espresso, this is the coffee for you.

Listo Para Tu Taza – Single Serve Cups

Café Bustelo, too, has broken into the capsule market to capitalize on its promise of power and convenience. In addition to offering their product in espresso capsule form, they sell four different k-cup flavors.

  • Café Bustelo Coffee, Espresso Style Dark Roast Coffee:



This is not espresso. The brewing temperature is well below that of an espresso machine. The coffee volume per cup is much smaller. The Keurig offers minuscule pressure relative to the cheapest sleeping machine on the market, making the product less healthy and tasty than a well-made expresso.

Strengths of Café Bustelo

  • Affordability

This is where Café Bustelo shines. A longtime money-conscious favorite and broke college students alike, Café Bustelo is one of the most accessible brands you’ll find. You will usually find this brand online for less than $.40 per ounce, which means you will generally get a pound of it for well below $10.

  • Availability

This group is closely linked to the previous one. You will find it just about anywhere because Café Bustelo is so cheap. Visit their website for a complete line-up, or just for the basics, go to Amazon or even to most grocery stores, local markets, or pharmacies.

  • Cupping

Here are our two cents on Café Bustelo ‘s original flavor. Keep in mind that the “Supreme” line is 100% Arabica and has a very different flavor (and price). While the Supreme line’s general feedback is positive, it is recommended that many Bustelo fans stick with the tried and true original and save the extra cash.

  • Taste

A point of contention about Bustelo ‘s quality is, in fact, the taste. With the slightest hint of raisin-like fruit underneath, the cup is bold and intensely bitter. This almost overbearing flavor is characteristic of Latin American coffee culture and is a somewhat divisive profile for American audiences.

  • Strength

Here’s another place where Bustelo Café has won over lots of coffee fans. Since this brand uses Robusta beans as the critical component of most of its products, they seem to pack an impressive caffeine punch. While this decision hurts their performance in other areas, this brew’s strength is definitely enough to put the hair out on your morning chest. That also means it stands up very well against a healthy milk supplement.

  • Body

This is where a lot of people hedge their complaints against this brand on the flip side. These brews tend to be quite heavy on their body. And that brew can end up feeling a bit oppressive for someone unused to a denser cup. You can combat this feature, though, by switching your methods of brewing up. If you have a problem sipping on a more decadent brew, try to opt for a method involving a paper filter. This will keep you from making some of the thicker oils into your final cup.

  • Brew Your Cup

Brewing Bustelo ‘s coffee as a Cafecito or Cuban coffee does justice to its origins and style, distinctly Latin American. All this method requires coffee, some sugar, and a pot of mocha. Brew a batch of coffee in the Moka pot to make it (or make solid, brewed coffee with anything you have on hand).

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Then weigh one tablespoon of brewed coffee and blend it with a sugar content equal to that. Repeat for the number of portions you wish (2 portions = two tablespoons each, etc.). You should obtain a syrupy mixture, which you will then distribute into cups of espresso (demitasse). Pour over the rest of the brewed coffee, and enjoy this sweet, healthy treat.

  • Alternate Way

If you don’t want to sweeten up things too much, take the mocha pot brew and mix it with some cream and serve. The flavor is strong enough for the milk to stand up, but the addition will help to tame the brew’s rougher edge.

Some More Options Other than Café Bustelo


  • Pilon

Pilon has a similar type of brand to Café Bustelo, selling both a regular and a gourmet range and offering their goods in the distinctive “bricks,” bottles, and jars. They also have options for decaf and an instant.


  • Café La Llave

Latin influences the brand. This one makes a point of emphasizing sustainability. It is a bit more challenging to find in the US than the other two options, but the company’s roots trace back to Cuba. This brand possibly uses a combination of Arabica and Robust beans, adding some unusual woody notes to the taste.


Conclusion: Café Bustelo Coffee Review

Are you fond of Cuban coffee? Or want the intensity of a morning black (or near-black) coffee? May you wish to save a bit of cash on your on-the-go pick? Café Bustelo is then an excellent option for you. This will provide a great taste but will not cost you much. You definitely can try this one out and enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Buy any of the best-picked Café Bustelo varieties shown here with just one click from the given links.

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