How to Use Chemex Coffee Maker

How to Use Chemex Coffee Maker? A Classic Coffee Maker

Chemex User Guide (A classic Coffee Maker)- Step by Step Guide: Do you love coffee? There are many delicious coffee types available. But, which one is your most favorite? How do you prepare the coffee? Using a coffee maker or manually? There are many questions like these but what matters is if you enjoy every drop of the coffee. Let us introduce you to a classic and modern innovative coffee maker. You may not even find it in the regular recommendations.

But this amazing and classic coffee maker has attracted the attention of many coffee lovers. There is a taste of old-style coffee and a strong flavor. But, that is what coffee means. It is a symbol of your class. Chemex coffee maker is the mentioned coffee maker. This brand offers some exclusive and amazing manual coffee makers. We will discuss how to use the Chemex coffee maker along with all the features.

We will also describe the strong and weak points of these coffee makers. Not to mention how the coffee quality would be. Let’s have a quick look at their overall details.

What is Chemex Coffee Maker?

In simple terms, it is a coffee maker. There is no extra attention-grabbing name with it. But the most attractive thing is, this is a manual coffee maker that gives you a strong coffee flavor. It will remind you of the old days of classic coffee standards.

Even though the brand didn’t have a wide start, it is taking steps into getting popularity. For anyone who loves to have handmade manual coffees, these coffee makers will be a great choice. The overall design is pretty amazing and simple to assemble. Let’s take a good look at the design later in the review.

Chemex Coffee Maker Design

Peter Schlumbohm is the designer of Chemex Coffee Maker. It comes with several parts. Firstly, it has an hourglass-shaped flask. Next, it has a conical funnel-shaped neck. Then comes bonded paper-built proprietary filters. These Chemex coffee filters are much better than regular filters and are usually used in a drip coffee maker.

It has a high density that removes more oil and other extra elements to give a much cleaner coffee. It passively improves the coffee taste. The filter paper is even unique in that it helps to remove extra cafestol from the coffee. As you are doing a manual coffee maker rather than an automatic one, this filter quality is your best offering from the brand.

Next, it has an attractive and most caring feature is a wooden collar that is even heatproof. You can handle it easily and even pour the hot water safely. It is split into two pieces and can be held with another top-quality thong made of leather. Some other models include a glass-made handle instead of a wood-made neck.

They are just a little bit easier to hold and use. That’s it for the design section. Let’s have a look at different types of these coffee makers and how they are different from each other. Search Chemex amazon for varieties.

Different Types of Chemex Coffee Maker

Chemex coffee maker is made of borosilicate glass. Chemex starter kit has many functions. It also offers different types of leather made thong colors. Although, the thongs and color are available only for handleless models. There is no major difference in Chemex coffee makers. The main difference is only about the capacity. From Chemex 3 cup to 13-cup jars are available. So, you will get all the models depending on the coffee capacity and handle. Amazingly, they offer products with such distinct features and visible differences.

Advantages of Chemex Coffee Maker

As we have already talked about the coffee maker design and their different types, let’s talk about some of their advantages. You have to learn about the advantages. This way, you will know why these are better than others. Besides, you will learn how to use the Chemex coffee maker. It will be helpful for any kind of purchase.

How to use Chemex Coffee Maker?


How to Use Chemex Coffee Maker


As a manual coffee maker, the most important thing is learning how to brew with it. Follow our guidelines to learn the step-by-step brewing process below.

  • First, you have to prepare for the grinding. Take your coffee beans and grind them to medium-sized coarse. It would be best to use a burr grinder for getting consistent particles. It will improve the overall execution.
  • Use the Chemex coffee filters to make it a cone-shaped filter. There will be a three-layered position in the cone shape.
  • Warm the water at medium-high temperature.
  • Put the ground coffee bean in the filter. Don’t put too much pressure.
  • Give warm water through the filter at a smooth rate.
  • Pour the water and balance the water level. Don’t overdo it.
  • Pour slowly and let the filter soak it properly. It will make the brewing process go smoothly.
  •  After completing the brewing process, take the filter off. The Chemex coffee ratio will be improved.
  •  Use any extra filtering process to clear the coffee even more. It will improve the quality even more.
  •  Take the coffee out of the jar and store it in another cup.
  •  Clean the coffee maker and wash it thoroughly.

Important Safety Guide

There are some safety measures to take while using a Chemex coffee maker. It will improve the coffee-making experience even more. Some useful measures are given below.

  •         Use a cap on the jar mouth to keep the coffee warm.
  •         Use more than one filtering process for clean coffee.
  •         If handing the jar with the wooden neck is hard, use one of the glass handle models.
  •         The coffee out can be a little dark, so use an appropriate amount of water.
  •         Avoid cold water. It will lower the whole coffee experience.

Final Guide: How to use Chemex Coffee Maker?

We have discussed all the information about the Chemex brand and everything related to it. How to use Chemex coffee maker, its advantages, brewing process, and safety measures. It is one of the most innovative designs that is inspired by the post-war classic coffee maker design.

It has an admirable and gorgeous design. Not to mention, the Chemex coffee filters are better than most of the high-quality coffee makers in the market. It is an affordable, beautiful, and top-quality manual coffee maker. The coffee quality is pretty good, and it gives a satisfactory feeling toward every drop of coffee. Have a try, and you may like it. Simple and gorgeous

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