How to make Strong Drip Coffee

How to make Strong Drip Coffee? Strong Coffee Ratio Guide

How to make Strong Drip Coffee? Strong Coffee Ratio Guide (Professional Drip Coffee Maker Guide): Hello, coffee lover. How is your day going on? Do you love to take coffee every day? If you do, then this review will be special for you.

Among many types of coffee, the basic difference is density. A dark or strong coffee comes with a different taste than a light coffee. This also makes a difference when mixed with steamed milk and other flavour or ingredients. In this review, we are going to talk about how to make strong drip coffee. You may be wondering about what strong drip coffee is. We are going to discuss the features elaborately. Without further talking, let’s get into the review.

Types of Coffees Flavours:

We will talk about basic differences along with cultural and traditional variants. Have a look at them.

Strong Coffee

Strong coffee usually means coffee with a dark flavour. It can be done in two ways. Either you can use low water with more ground for a high density. That would eventually give a dark and strong taste. There is another way, and that is using espresso coffee beans. However, that would be a little bit costly because espresso beans have a higher price than regular beans.

As a reminder, espresso coffee is the base form of many other coffee types. Whatever variant you may want to taste, you need espresso as the base coffee to mix with steam and foamed mix for the sweet taste and beautiful art. Follow our review to learn how to make strong instant coffee.

Light Coffee

The next type is regular coffee beans. There are no distinct variants about them. All regular types of coffee grounds are made from them. These beans mixed with water pretty smoothly and have a lightweight that gives a light density as well. So, you get a smooth taste with a soft feeling. If you want to use a coffee maker to get light coffee, then a drip coffee maker would be the best choice.

There is a reason behind such diversity. Regular coffee makers brew with a normal pressure that is suitable for a sift mix and smooth coffee. On the other hand, an espresso coffee maker does the job with a higher pressure to give a dark result. It also creates a foam layer that helps to get a perfect aroma and art.


The flavour is an important factor to talk about. No matter what type of coffee you are getting, the flavor is the reason behind such an effort. The flavour may vary from sweetness to dark, lemon, orange, milk, ginger, and many other types. Learn how to make strong coffee with milk in the review below. Usually, people add extra flavour after the base hot coffee. It is easy to blend anything with them. As we have talked about basic features and important information around it, let’s talk about the process of how to make strong drip coffee.

How to make Strong Drip Coffee?



To make strong drip coffee, you have to follow professional guidance. There are many traditional and commercial processes. We will give you the best possible solution for home and outside.

  • As you are going to make strong drip coffee, using a drip coffee maker would be the suitable one. If you use espresso or other machines, then the procedure would be different. Of course, there will be much fewer steps and effort to do so. So, for this process, you need a drip coffee maker.
  • First, you have to choose a coffee bean, and it is the strong one. As you want to get strong drip coffee, strong coffee bean-like espresso or other beans are necessary. In that case, Arabica beans are the best choice. You can also go for another hybrid combination of 15% robusta, but it has to be a strong-flavoured bean.
  • Next, you have to choose the roasting level. There are many types of roasting features or levels available for beans. If you go for the dark ones, then they will give a strong flavour and aroma. On the other hand, a light roast will give a light flavour.
  • Instead of stored beans, try to get fresh beans for the best and natural flavour. Although it will not change the flavour on a large scale rather, it will give a more balanced taste in overall quality.
  • After the beans, you have to go for the grinding. Make sure to grind them as smoothly as possible. You may have to put a lot of effort into manual grinding, but the job will be much easier if the coffee maker has a built-in grinder. Although it may be a little bit more expensive, the performance is worth it. 
  • The next is the brewing setting. Make sure to follow a strong brewing setup. The high brewing strength is what makes the coffee strong. With proper high pressure, you can even get a strong flavour from the regular ground that is pretty close enough to espresso.
  • When you start the coffee-making process, make sure to add more ground or beans, comparing the regular ratio. A higher ratio of ground with water will give a dense result that eventually will give a strong flavour. Two tablespoons of ground for 180 ml water is a good measurement.
  • For water, you have to raise the temperature quite high so that it mixes well even under high pressure. With proper high pressure, you can learn how to make high caffeine coffee. Don’t push the temperature over 205F. Try to keep it between 200-205F.

How to make Strong Drip Coffee? Final Word

So, what have you learned from our review on how to make strong drip coffee? If you don’t like the dark flavour in coffee, then there are other ways of enjoying coffee and follow a light drip coffee procedure. Here you will find everything to enjoy a drip coffee. From the basic knowledge and difference of coffee types.

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You will also learn how each feature changes the coffee flavour and its other stats. To get the best quality, make sure to get all the ingredients ready. Then follow the given step to get the perfect result. Among many other coffee types and flavours, the dark and strong one is the origin. So enjoy a good old-fashioned sweetness with every drop of coffee.

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