Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker No Pods 2022: Top Pick Reviewed

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker No Pods 2022: Just a few years ago, easy-to-use coffee caps were extremely common. These days, however, individuals are moving away from something called excess waste, such as loads of coffee pods that end up every year in landfills. People now want a coffee maker that does not have pods.

The options are abundant, with all the amazing technology being introduced to single-serving coffee makers for home use that does not need pods, and also come with built-in grinders. We have compiled a list of the five best, each one with no pods for a coffee maker that can make a delicious single cup or full coffee pot. We will review the best 6 single-cup coffee makers with no pods in this article. Read till the end to find out your favorite one!

Top 6 Best Single Cup Coffee Maker No Pods (Reviewed)


1. Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker


For the Ninja brand, The Specialty Coffee Maker is a win. To date, this may be one of their most sophisticated coffee makers. You can brew a single cup, a big cup, a whole travel mug, or a whole carafe for yourself. Not only that, but you can brew iced coffee from your favorite café, which is just as good as what you get.

For your cappuccino or latte, the foldaway frother operates in seconds to turn milk into a creamy froth. There is a rich brew mode if you are someone who likes heavy rich coffee, which will please your taste buds with a balanced flavor. No matter what way you look at it, the perfect way to start your morning is the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker without pods.

Yeah, that’s right, Ninja was worried about everything when it came to how you liked your coffee. For up to an astounding 4 hours, the warming tray keeps your carafe warm and ready to drink. Combined with the pre-programmable function, in which you can set the time that your coffee will be made, this is particularly useful. Some people claim this incredibly cheap coffee maker is also on par with expensive machines ordered from Italy. It is more convenient than the French press, of course.

  • Foldaway frother for hot and cold milk
  • Removable water reservoir
  • 50-ounce glass carafe
  • Stylish black and silver finish
  • Single-cup capable for strong espresso
  • No need for pods
  • Seemingly endless options for coffee
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Removable parts make it very easy to clean
  • The frother adds a coffeehouse touch
  • The machine is quite large
  • No integrated grinder

2. Hamilton Beach Scoop Single-Serve


A decent and inexpensive coffee maker without pods is the single-serving coffee maker from Hamilton Beach that will set you back less than you’d think! It comes with a scoop, making it easy to fill the chamber directly from the coffee grinding container. It has what it takes to be a successful coffee machine for a single cup.

And while the coffee maker can only be used for a single cup, that’s what it is for. There is nothing it promises to do that it can’t. With just two buttons on the front, it is super easy to use. You can either choose a coffee that’s usual or a bold coffee. No knobs, no dials, and no nonsensical keys are there to annoy someone.

The simplicity of the computer itself is another thing we admire. It’s so tiny that you can barely see it on your kitchen counter. It is elegant, light, and anywhere that is comfortable for you will match. Heck, for lazy Sundays, you can even put one in the bedroom. Best of all, no more pods anymore! The Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker works with any coffee grinder you like. It’s fast and well worth a couple of bucks.

  • Comes with a single-serve scoop
  • Able to brew a full cup of coffee in minus two minutes
  • Can brew both normal or bold coffee
  • Drip tray resistant to spills
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Can accommodate a large travel mug
  • The different strengths of coffee
  • How quick the machine makes coffee
  • Its small size and attractive silver finish
  • The coffee can be extremely hot when made

3. Cuisinart Grind & Brew Automatic



One of their most famous models is the Grind & Brew Automatic Coffee Maker from Cuisinart. Reasonably priced, with this all-in-one coffee machine without pods, you can’t go wrong. It can be a single cup, a single serving, or a total 12-cup carafe. There are enough choices for the entire family for coffee. The Grind & Brew is a coffee maker that is environmentally friendly, which is an aspect we really enjoy. It comes with a filter basket and a filter basket cover, plus a permanent gold-tone filter that you can remove and clean. No more filters on paper, no more pods, no more pointless waste.

With six well-labeled buttons on the front for pre-programming your morning coffee and adjusting the settings, the unit is easy enough to use. You can also pause your brew, fill your cup, and then go back to the carafe for brewing. For anxious coffee drinkers, this is excellent. Plus, a dripless spout, an ergonomic handle, and a knuckle guard are in the carafe. For any family kitchen, this is a fine option as it has something for everyone. It could, however, be a little big for a single individual living in a small room. With Grind & Brew, you certainly get your money’s worth.

  • Programmable 24 hours
  • Glass cafe with 12-cup capacity
  • Integrated grinder for coffee beans
  • Charcoal water filter, great for tap water
  • The Control panel is easy to use
  • The LED indicator shows different modes and settings
  • The charcoal water filter is environment friendly
  • All in one grind beans & make coffee
  • Can make 1 cup of Italian style espresso
  • The grinder can be loud
  • A lot of different pieces to clean
  • Must measure beans for each brew

4. Chefman InstaCoffee Single Serve


Chefman has you covered for those in search of a single-serving coffee maker. In less than 3 minutes, this strong yet compact coffee machine can deliver a single cup of smoking hot coffee just the way you want it. Think again if you don’t think that’s impressive.

It can fit pretty much anywhere because the InstaCoffee is so thin. This is a perfect gift for people who travel a lot for business or holiday, as you can still have a reliable single cup coffee maker with you at all times and pack it in your suitcase. And even though it’s thin, just about any travel mug you can come across can still accommodate it.

The InstaCoffee has two elements. Either you can use a K-Cup or you can use a coffee grind. This means that for everyone, it has everything. Brew K-Cups, hot chocolates, teas, or anything else that comes in a K-Cup with your favorite brand name, plus you can make your own favorite pre-ground coffee. You can use the filter for loose leaf tea as well, not just ground coffee.

  • Compatible with K-Cups or ground coffee
  • Portable for on-the-go coffee making
  • Operates with one easy button, very simple
  • Fits almost any travel mug
  • Brews a single cup in 30 seconds
  • Design is ultra-compact and narrow
  • The simplicity: design, appearance, ease of use
  • Some people may like their coffee hotter
  • There may be some splatter with smaller cups
  • Fast does not always equal flavor

5. BELLA 13711 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker



It is very similar to the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve above in appearance. They both look the same and they have almost the same characteristics and functions, to be frank. Priced almost identically, with a slightly more costly BELLA. That being said, however, I agree that the BELLA brand is generally of better quality than Hamilton Beach, but that’s just my view.

The stand can be modified to suit different-sized coffee mugs or insulated travel cups (like the Hamilton Beach above), even without coffee pods, the BELLA 13711 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker can be used, but if you want, you have the option of using pods.

  • The machine can be used without coffee pods.
  • Features a reusable coffee filter.
  • No cons or negatives we could find

6. Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control




The Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control is the last recommendation on my list of coffee makers without pods. This is a great little coffee maker with its own built-in grinder that holds approximately 1/2 lb. Whole coffee beans and six different grinding settings for lighter or darker roasted coffee beans are available.

In order to keep almost every coffee geek satisfied and amused, the Breville Grind Control is also full of functions and features. For instance, it has a bright LCD that allows you to easily program an auto-start feature to brew coffee at your desired time, ideal for those early mornings when your coffee is finished and ready for you when you come down the stairs.

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You can only use coffee with the Breville Grind Control so no pods or k-cups whatsoever, which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether you want to brew coffee every so often using a pod. Think of the Breville Grind Control, ideal for single-cup brewing and smaller kitchen countertops, like a mini version of a full-size coffee maker with a grinder.

  • Single-cup or full 12-cup carafe – options for doing the both
  • Brews coffee at a consistent 200° F.
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe
  • Inconsistency with the grinder feeding system affects the strength of the coffee.
  • Can be a little tricky to clean

Final Verdict: Best Single Cup Coffee Maker No Pods 2022


The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker desperately needs to be our top choice. This may be the replacement coffee machine many individuals are searching for, to be honest. It’s firmly constructed, it offers you countless drink options, ranging from hot to cold, a single cup can be brewed all the way to a full carafe, and there’s no excess waste.

In order to further enhance the flavor and consistency of your drinks, the Ninja comes with a frother. It’s easy to clean, serving reliably rich macchiatos and cappuccinos from the coffee house. At this low price, you’ll have a hard time finding another specialty coffee maker with no pods this sweet.

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The Hamilton Beach offering is closely on the Ninja’s heels. This single cup coffee maker without pods takes a step behind its competitor by missing some of the Ninja’s features and skills. Whichever of the coffee makers you want to go with can have the best experience in and beyond 2022. You can also note that all the options shown here are some of the bests in the market. So, you can buy your favorite from the list with just one click from the links given above and lessen your pain to roam around in the marketplace.

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