Best Reusable Coffee Filters 2021: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Reusable Coffee Filters

Best Reusable Coffee Filters 2021: (Your Guide to Buy the Best) Coffee is a way of life for many people; the first thing you need in the morning to get started, the perfect culmination of a nice lunch, or that little extra thing in the afternoon to get you over the hump. As more and more beans and ways to brew coffee become available, the choices for coffee filters are also growing. With the increase of environmental consciousness, the concept of producing waste with an unending quantity of paper filters becomes a thing of the past.

No matter how you want to brew coffee, not only does choose a reusable filter help to minimize the amount of waste you generate, but it does save you money in the long term. Every filter is made from different materials and has a unique design and poses a different requirement and opportunity. Here are some of our favorite coffee filters for this perfect pot to brew.

Top 6 Best Reusable Coffee Filters 2021

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1. E-PRANCE Honeycombed Stainless Steel Coffee Filter:


If you are brewing a full pot or a single cup, this coffee filter made from stainless steel with a separate holder makes it as simple and effective as possible. Made of thin, restaurant-grade steel mesh, the filter controls the coffee’s seep speed to produce a consistent brew.

The filter holder has a rolling lip to hold it over a mug or carafe on its bottom, and its heat-proof silicone handle helps you to pick it up without burning your palm. Use the included brush, cleaning is fast and simple, making it a perfect choice to dig out the paper filters for good.

  • This coffee filter is designed in double layers with high quality – 316 stainless steel
  • Its detachable stand design helps to perfectly fit most of the cups, mugs or carafe
  • It is very easy to clean
  • The silicone handle of the filter ensures that your hand is not burnt
  • After some days of use, this filter can lead to extra – slow brewing

2. GoldTone Cone Style Coffee Filter:


This no-frills mesh filter, designed to match a regular, cone-style coffee filter holder, offers a great brew at one of the lowest price points in the category. The filter offers a steady drip, ideal for brewing coffee at the right strength (not too strong, not too weak), with an ultra-thin mesh made of surgical-grade steel. Running it under water will clean the tank, or it can be washed in a dishwasher. This filter can be used with many coffee maker brands, too.

  • It has a universal conic design that fits multiple filter holders and even works with certain brands of coffee makers
  • It can be cleaned very easily and it is dishwater safe
  • The fine mesh design of this filter finely controls the coffee drip to brew a great-tasting coffee easily
  • The handle at the top is made of plastic which seems like a bit flimsy

3. YEOSEN Reusable Coffee Filter:



This reusable basket type filter is suitable for replacing paper filters in many 8-12-cup coffee makers of major brands. The filter is made of stainless, durable steel that is safe for a quick cleaning as well as rust-proof. The steel is also great for use in a coffee maker because as the machine heats up it avoids any risk of BPA contamination, which can be a risk in some plastic filters. The filter can accommodate grounds of varying coarseness from espresso to big granules, so a great pot is sure to be brewed.

  • This filter comes with nearly universal basket design that can fit major brand coffee makers including Mr. Coffee and Black & Decker
  • This reusable coffee filter basket is durable and rust-free as it is made of 18/8 stainless
  • This coffee filter is dishwasher-safe and reusable to reduce environmental pollution
  • This 12 cup coffee filter doesn’t alter any coffee taste and retains the original flavor
  • The customer service of this brand is amazing
  • It does not fit perfectly though work with no issue

4. Bolio Organic Hemp Cone Coffee Filter:


The Bolio integrates real organic hemp which helps to retain the natural taste of coffees after brewing, taking a radically different approach in terms of the material used. Hemp is pretty similar in efficiency to paper filters in terms of filtering. What’s growing is its flavor, as the coffee won’t have the faint taste of paper.

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Even this environmentally friendly filter is extremely easy to clean. Also, the hemp filter is made to last for a hundred uses, so expect it to last long. One of the most common concerns about reusable coffee filters is about issues with the mildew. Not the case with coffee filter Bolio Hemp, as it comes with anti-bacterial properties. Basically, this particular reusable coffee maker is a great companion for coffee drinkers who enjoy the natural flavors of their coffee.

  • The Bolio filter is 100% organic hemp coffee cone filters that are durable and can be used hundreds of time
  • It filters require less water to grow and are stronger than cotton. That’s why it is environmentally friendly
  • Hemp is naturally mildew and bacteria-resistant, which makes this the ideal choice among reusable coffee filters
  • Hemp filters provide a perfect form of sediment filtration while preserving much of the vital coffee oils, giving you the most delicious cup of coffee without the sediment
  • The strength of coffee can vary depending on the grind you choose

5. Pinyon Cloth Reusable Basket Coffee Filter:




These soft filters are a perfect, natural substitute for regular paper filters, with six different sizes to match any coffee maker type or pour-over filter, holder. The filters are made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton and can be quickly washed with a rinse in the shower, or thoroughly cleaned in boiling water. The cloth content effectively filters the coffee grounds, thus reducing the residual sediment that may remain in some steel mesh filters.

  • These filters are made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton which is both responsibly produced. These sustainable materials will last through hundreds of uses
  • The filters cost around the same as a package of paper coffee filters (or tea filters) but can last much longer, so you are not only taking a small step to avoid items for single-use, but you are also saving some money in the process
  • If you are purchasing your filter from Pinyon Products, it means you are helping a small company right here in North America (not a big overseas manufacturer), and the proceeds from your purchase go straight back to our local economy
  • The cloth filters eliminate more of the bitter sediment than metal mesh filters that can taint the flavor of your delicious coffee while allowing purer, decadent oils than paper filters to pass-through
  • This filter comes in 6 different sizes
  • Unlike steel mesh filters, the lack of structural support in the cloth may cause the filter to fold down and probably spill ground

6. Hide & Drink Cotton Coffee Sock Pour-Over Cones #4 Reusable Coffee Filter:



The Cotton Coffee Filter is certainly one in terms of aesthetic appeal which evokes a sense of tradition. It is handmade and designed to be compatible with coffee makers of all styles. The material used here is indeed one of Guatemala’s most common filters, the Manta Cotton.

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Locally known as “wild cotton,” it has a lasting but loosely woven appearance which is a benefit when it comes to filtering coffee during brewing. Since this is a cotton-based filter, you can simply wash and reuse it again and again. It is also available in different sizes to ensure compatibility for all coffee makers. It is not only reusable, but it is also very inexpensive, making it the most cost-effective option on the list.

  • This coffee filter is made of cotton and combines practicality and functionality with a classic and attractive design
  • It is handcrafted and hand-sewn to fit into coffee machines
  • It comes with a wide range of sizes and varieties
  • This filter is made of eco-friendly materials
  • It works better than paper filters
  • As it is made of cotton, it easily gets stains

Best Reusable Coffee Filters: Verdict

Our top pick from these 6 filters is GoldTone Cone Style Coffee Filter as it has a universal design and can give perfect results without changing the flavor of the coffee. The E-Prance Honeycomb Coffee Filter takes the second position for its perfect stainless steel build quality. It also has a silicone handle that does not let the heat burn your hand. Attention to such fine details is what makes this filter an amazing choice. And if you like the filters made of cloth, Pinyon Basket Coffee Filter will be a good fit for you. It also comes in six different sizes that will cover a wide range of coffee makers.

Factors to Look Upon While Buying a Coffee Filter

Before buying a coffee filter you really have to check some factors so that you do not end up buying one that does not help you. Filters come in a different size. So buy the best fit for your coffee maker. The form factor and build quality is also an important factor while buying a reusable filter. As you have to use it for a multiple-time, the build quality should be good. Ease of cleaning is also a very important issue. Who wants to spend a lot of time behind cleaning a filter every time he brews a cup of coffee? That is why be careful before purchasing one and check whether it can be cleaned easily or not.

By the way, all of the 6 filters that we feature in our review meets all the criteria of a perfect coffee filter so that you do not face a problem while using it.


One of the easiest choices to make if you’re an everyday coffee drinker is investing in a reusable coffee filter. They ‘re also inexpensive units that after only a few uses start saving you money. Not only that, but it helps reduce the amount of waste you’re producing, and if you’ve previously relied on bleached paper coffee filters, it can potentially make your taste for coffee better.

They are win-win investments where once you’ve made the switch you’re going to wonder why you didn’t have it sooner. But with a lot of varieties in the market, it is quite hassled some to buy the best one that will suit you. For that reason, we have compiled the best 6 reusable coffee filters of 2021 so that you can take your decision easily and buy your favorite reusable coffee filter with just one click from here!

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