Best Pour Over Kettle (Gooseneck Kettle) 2021: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Pour Over Kettle

Best Pour Over Kettle 2021: Your Guide to Buy the Best Some consider using a pour-over coffee kettle is a waste of time and money. A gimmick that makes you look more like a hipster for coffee rather than delivering results. They couldn’t be any worse. Yet you can’t blame them for that; they’re not serious about excellent coffee drinking. But maybe you are, and that is why you’re here.

You’ve got a fantastic coffee maker, and now you want a gooseneck kettle, but it’s hard to pick one. We get it; hundreds of them are available for sale, and most are a waste of time. Most of them lose control over the pouring, most burn your palm, and a large number leak odd, and probably dangerous, chemicals into your brew. So in this article, we are going to review the best ten pour-over kettles of 2021. Go through the article and decide to buy the best fit for you from here without any hassle!

Top 10 Best Pour Over Kettle 2021

Gooseneck Kettle -...image Gooseneck Kettle - Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle - Precision-Flow Spout and Thermometer View on Amazon
Fellow Stagg EKG,...image Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-over Kettle For Coffee And Tea, Matte Black View on Amazon
Fino Pour Over...image Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle, 18/8 Stainless Steel, 6-Cup, 1.2L Capacity View on Amazon
COSORI Electric Gooseneck...image COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle with 5 Variable Presets, Pour Over Coffee Kettle & Tea Kettle View on Amazon
OXO BREW Adjustable...image OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle View on Amazon
Bonavita 1.0L Variable...image Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Electric Kettle, 1.0 Liters, Metallic View on Amazon
Hario Gooseneck Coffee...image Hario Gooseneck Coffee Kettle 'Buono', Electric View on Amazon
Barista Warrior Stainless...image Pour Over Kettle with Thermometer - Gooseneck Kettle for Pour Over Coffee Kettle View on Amazon
Bodum 11883-259US Melior...image Bodum 11883-259US Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle View on Amazon
Pour Over Coffee...image Pour Over Coffee Kettle and Tea Kettle, Camping and Traveling View on Amazon
1. Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle:


If you are serious about the pour-over process, one piece of equipment you can’t do without is a gooseneck kettle. The intricate and long neck gives you the freedom to take advantage of the circular motion required for a great pour-over.

The thermometer baked in ensures you can guarantee that your water is the correct temperature for the best coffee between 195F and 205F. Say goodbye to scorched beans or deceptively tepid coffee and say hello to complete accuracy.

  • It has a triple-layered base which works on all type of stove
  • Premium stainless steel is used for heat retention and durability.
  • The capacity is 34 oz. which is amazing.
  • Even works with stovetops with induction
  • Formation of rust can be seen sometimes

2. Fellow Stag Electric Pour-Over Kettle:

If you’re looking for an affordable and practical pot, the Fellow Stag isn’t for you. However, if you have deeper pockets and exacting tastes, this beast drove by design may be the smartest investment you’ll make all year round.

If you’re looking to brew the pour-over method, you’ll need a kettle with a spout that promotes the intricate precision required for this operation. The long gooseneck on the Stag makes this a breeze, and soon, you’ll be pouring out like a barista.

  • It has an amazing look of matte black finish
  • You can read the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • For quick brewing, it has a potent elemen,t which is a great feature
  • With just one push of a button, you can hold the temperature for an hour
  • It is not a stovetop model
  • It comes with a quite a hefty price

3. Fino Pour-Over Kettle:

If you want a simple but effective pour-over kettle, this Fino gooseneck on your shortlist is well worth popping in. You won’t get a temperature sensor, but that kind of flexibility can’t be required in this price range instead.

A gooseneck kettle’s core function is to simplify pouring and allow you to use the circular motion of the trademark you’ll need when rustling coffee over at home. The length and angle of the handle make that super-simple on this Fino.

  • Its spout is curved and elongated so that you can get a precise pour
  • The handle is angled, which prevents scorched finger
  • It has highly insulated and has great heat distribution
  • It is built with rugged stainless steel
  • You can use it on any stovetop
  • It very lightweight and seems very clumsy

4. COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle:

Another lean and mean matte black gooseneck comes up next, this time from the stable of COSORI. You can also pick up this kettle with a straight stainless steel finish if you don’t like the black style.

This kettle occupies the goosenecks’ middle price section. This machine is on the cheaper end in terms of the versions packing a thermometer. While the output is impressive, you can be underwhelmed by longevity. This, unfortunately, is a concession you need to make, without investing too much, to achieve top-tier functionality.

  • Its aesthetics is very elegant and commanding
  • It has an onboard thermometer that has 5 temperature preset
  • This is built with food-grade stainless steel with zero Teflon
  • For its 1200 – watt heating element you can boil water within just 3 minutes
  • The build quality is towards the lower end

5. OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle:

The OXO Brew cordless kettle is an electronic alternative to the market-dominant stovetop ones. To kick-off, you’ll get the long, angled spout that’s required for precision pour-over. Kettle balance is good for a long and guided pour.

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The OXO Brew comes in different versions like this temperature-adjustable showstopper. For pour-over, you need your water between 195F and 205F and you can accurately get that in this model. Timing is another key factor in pour-over. The OXO Brew comes with an onboard timer, rather than requiring yet another piece of equipment.

  • The design it has is classic and understated
  • You can find multiple variants of this one
  • The temperature is adjustable for all your brewing needs
  • It is totally cordless
  • An integrated timer will give you time precision
  • Sometimes leaking was found

6. Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle:

Bonavita has a good reputation for manufacturing highly competent and cost-effective equipment to make coffee at home. This variable gooseneck temperature continues the tradition of winning.

You will get your water up to temperature in minutes flat with a 1000 watt powerplant. You can target with utmost precision the 195F to 205F sweet spot you need for great pour-over. Once you reach your target temperature, you can press a button and keep the water for up to an hour at that point.

Like with all kettles worth pouring over, you get the appropriate gooseneck for streamlining the pouring. Armor construction of stainless steel gives you a trustworthy experience. Everything plastic is BPA-free so you have good knowledge.

  • You will be getting instant heating with 1000 watt
  • A wide temperature that is ranging from 140F to 208F
  • It comes with a count-up timer
  • It is built of rugged stainless steel
  • The build quality is not that much great

7. Hario Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle:

Although Hario has a stellar reputation in the coffee vertical, this gooseneck kettle is priced only slightly above bargain territory. And is that any good? To begin with, this kettle can be used on any form of stove including induction surfaces. This gives you a massive amount of versatility right off the bat.

You have some options in terms of capacity. The electric Hario comes with a capacity of 0.8L if you prefer an electric kettle. The stovetop versions come with 1L or 1.2L jugs. The slimline spout you need for successful pour-over is in place along with a kettle light enough to keep for several minutes while you’re working on your slow and steady pour-over technique.

  • It is a stainless steel kettle that comes with an ergonomic design
  • Its slender spout is reputed for slow, steady and controlled pouring
  • It is ideal for use on any type of cooking surface that includes also induction
  • Works perfectly with the Hario V60 ceramic coffee dripper which can be an added benefit for you
  • The handle mounting is not that much robust

8. Barista Warrior Pour-Over Kettle:

The 40 oz Barista Warrior’s kettle is ideal for giving you the regulated pour you need when playing with a pour-over technique. The long and slim gooseneck sputter helps you to take control and dole out the water at the prescribed rate which is important for the best coffee to pour-over. Building stainless steel means that your kettle won’t catch rust and that’s light enough to maneuver without feeling tired.

This gooseneck, available in two muted finishes and backed by a reliable 1-year limited guarantee, represents outstanding value for money. During the first year after purchase, you can get a full refund at any stage so you have literally nothing to lose by testing the Barista Warrior by road.

  • It has an integrated thermometer that will let you have the perfect temperature always
  • The spout is ideal for pour-over
  • It is made by rust-free 18/8 stainless steel
  • It has a limited one year warranty
  • The quality control of this model is questionable

9. Bodum Melior Electric Gooseneck Kettle:

You always know that Bodum will deliver paraphernalia to a rock-solid coffee. From the classic French press to this agile gooseneck kettle, you get married to precision engineering pared-down design without pushing yourself to spend a huge amount of money.

Yet how does this kettle fare look beyond those good ones? Not only is the spout elegant to look at, but it’s also perfectly designed for the controlled circular motion you’ll use for coffee to pour-over. Depending on the batch size that you usually brew up, pick between 27 oz or 34 oz. While you’re not getting a temperature gauge onboard, just boil your water and wait for 30 seconds. Within the 195F to 205F band, the resulting water will fall conducive to the best coffee.

  • Its design is extremely sleek and minimalist
  • You can choose your favorable size
  • It has the auto shut off feature
  • The spout performs amazing while pouring over
  • It is prone to leaking if you push to fill close to the maximum line

10. Ovalware Pour-Over Kettle:

Ovalware provides an effective and smooth pour-over kettle to please all the bargainers. But is it really any good, exactly? In short, yes, yes. If you want control of temperature, you’ll have to dig deeper into that. If you can forego the thermometer, you are going to pick up this base model at a price that’s almost throwaway.

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Equally on gas or electric stovetops at home, and even induction-friendly, what is not to love? The fiber handle is built to stay cool as your kettle heats up to the 195F to 205F you need for that golden cup of coffee to break up the expanse of stainless steel. The streamlined body ensures this kettle is a cinch for washing, thus reducing the number of hiding spaces for collecting bacteria and grime. This is one of your strongest options if you need to grab a gooseneck on a budget.

  • This is a highly portable pour over kettle
  • It has a dry fast button for your convenience
  • The handle of this kettle is fiber reinforced
  • It has a capacity of 34 oz.
  • It does not have any bells and whistles
  • The thermometer is an optional extra

Best Pour Over Kettle: Verdict

Our overall pick is the Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle. It has a triple-layered base and can work with any kind of stovetops. Fellow Stag Electric Pour-Over Kettle comes in the second place. If you want an electric pour-over kettle, then it is the one to go for. If simplicity is the thing you are searching for in a pour-over kettle, Fino Pour-Over Kettle is the one to choose for its great price range.


If you want to keep complete control over your coffee while pouring, if you want complete consistency every single time or if you simply just want to sip a cup of coffee that tastes better, you should have a pour-over kettle in your home. But choosing from a lot of variants in the market is really a troublesome task to do. That is why we have come up with this article to review the best 10 pour-over kettles of 2021. Read the article, see the pros and cons, and choose the best one for you without any hassle. Buy your favorite pour-over kettle with just one click from here now!

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