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Best Instant Coffee 2023: Top Picks, Tasted & Reviewed

The demand for daily coffee is just increasing at a rapid rate. Coffee aficionados are more inclined towards getting their cup of joe instantly. To satisfy this vast demand, Instant coffee came to the rescue. So, if you are also a coffee addict and can’t help but get the cure of instant coffees, then you have arrived at the right place. Because today, we will be sharing with you a list of the best instant coffee that you need to try out in 2022.

But, what exactly is instant coffee? How are they made? How do I choose the best instant coffee? All these common questions might confuse your mind. But don’t worry. Because we have all the answers, you are looking for. So, be patient and give it a read.

History: Where does Coffee come from?

If we trace back to its history, instant coffee was first developed and patented in Britain in 1771. In America, the first case of instant coffee was produced in the mid-1800s, and it was rather instrumental in providing rations to soldiers during the Civil War. In fact, instant coffee was widely popular in the US during the First World War.

Some years down the line, in 1930, Nestle began to tinker with this idea of instant coffee, mostly because coffee beans were abundant. More specifically, Brazil had huge quantities of coffee beans that were spoiling away. The Brazilian Coffee Institute wanted Nestle’s help to come up with a proper solution to this rising concern.

Nestle did deliver, however, not very convincingly. They realized the coffee wasn’t mixing very well and lacked the “˜wow’ factor in flavor. Then, they carried on with their research, and they finally had a breakthrough in 1937. They came up with a new product named Nescafe. Today, Nestle is one of the world’s biggest brands, and it dominates the instant coffee market. 

What is Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is made from dried coffee extracts. First, the extract is made by brewing ground coffee beans. Then, water is removed from the extract to create dry fragments or powder which are soluble in water. There are mainly two methods of making instant coffee-

  • Spray-drying

By adopting the spray-drying method, coffee extracts are sprayed into hot air. The droplets then instantly dry and turn into fine powder.

  • Freeze-drying

The Freeze-drying method is a bit complex. The coffee extracts are frozen and cut into small particles. Finally, under vacuum conditions and low temperature, these particles are dried.

How to Choose The Best Instant Coffee?

There are a variety of instant coffee products in the market. So, choosing the right one would be crucial, as it is for daily consumption. Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind for choosing the best instant coffee.


Generally speaking, the higher the price, the greater the quality. However, it should not be the case for you when you are buying instant coffee. As it is bought for daily consumption, it would be best to choose a economical and exceptional product. Besides, saving money is one of the main reasons for you to get instant coffee in the first place.


There is no such thing as the best packaging option for instant coffee. It entirely depends on your intended use. If you want instant coffee for travel purposes, you can opt for brands that offer sachets or small packets. Again, if you want instant coffee for your home, getting a jar would be the best option.

Caffeine Limit

A very important thing to consider before buying instant coffee is the caffeine limit. As it is related to your health, you should carefully select the right product with an appropriate caffeine limit. You can find the caffeine limit indication in the packaging of the products. Excessive intake of caffeine may create severe health damages for certain classes of people. Usually, the ideal limit of caffeine intake is below 60 grams. However, it is advisable to do proper research regarding this factor.

Now that you know all about the factors to consider before getting your instant coffee, you are well prepared to make a decision about which product to pick from our list.

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It is pivotal that you know that we have tried and tested multiple well-known brands and their products before making this list. We have been very strict about reviewing their features and weighing their pros and cons. Through meticulous judgment, we have managed to narrow down the list to the five best instant coffees for your ease and convenience. Now let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Instant Coffee (2022 Update): Top Picks, Tasted & Reviewed

1. Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee

The first on the list of the best instant coffee is the Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee. An instant coffee of such taste and aroma is hard to find in the market. They are made from 100% Highland Arabica coffee beans. Unlike other instant coffees, it is not acidic in nature. So, you won’t be feeling any bitter or sour experience while trying it.

Moreover, the company has a good reputation for producing these coffees organically. They are developed through a non-chemical drying process. If you are looking to carry an instant coffee for traveling purposes, the Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee would be your best bet. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this instant coffee.

  • Rich taste and flavor
  • Very affordable
  • 100% Highland Arabica coffee beans
  • Organically produced
  • Easily portable
  • One pack might not be sufficient enough

2. Waka Coffee Quality Instant Coffee

Our next pick is the Waka Coffee Quality Instant Coffee. The coffee is made from 100% high-quality Arabica beans. The beans are freeze-dried to preserve the aroma and original flavor. The medium roast is well balanced and gives notes of citrus. Moreover, the name is very accurate as it truly does brew the coffee instantly, quicker than regular coffees. A good thing about this coffee is that the company doesn’t add any additives.

The packaging is also very suitable for portability. To sum up, if you want to spend a few extra bucks for a quality instant coffee, the Waka Coffee Quality Instant Coffee could be better than any other relevant product in the market. Now, let’s discover some of the pros and cons of this coffee.

  • 100% High-quality Arabica beans
  • Freeze-dried to preserve the aroma and flavor
  • Well balanced medium roast
  • Quick brew
  • No additives
  • Portable packaging
  • A bit expensive

3. Maxwell House Original Roast Instant Coffee

If you are on a budget and want to get the best instant coffee experience, then the Maxwell House Original Roast Instant Coffee is the right product for you. The compact packaging is the first thing that grabs the attention of this coffee. It is designed with an easy-to-open resealable jar.

This classic medium roast instant coffee is often said to give a similar premium coffee experience like that of the expensive ones. Moreover, each jar can produce up to 120 cups of coffee. So, from a consumer’s perspective, that is a huge benefit. Now, let’s explore some of the pros and cons of the Maxwell House Original Roast Instant Coffee.

  • Very economical
  • Nicely designed packaging
  • Perfect medium roast coffee
  • Each jar can produce 120 cups
  • Mild taste
  • It does not have a bitter aftertaste
  • The jar needs to be refrigerated to preserve the taste
  • Mild taste is not favorable for all coffee lovers

4. Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystals

Our next best instant coffee on the list is the Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystals. This medium roast coffee is produced from mountain-grown beans that are rich in flavor and aroma. It has a bitter taste that can be a good thing for certain consumers. A good feature of this coffee is that it becomes ready in seconds.

You won’t need a coffee maker to brew this coffee especially. The outstanding dissolving capability of this coffee is an added advantage for the users. But coming to the taste factor, it really isn’t the best one in the market. However, its cheap cost can be a good sign for someone who is not much strict in the taste and flavor of the coffee. Now, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of the Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystals.

  • Very affordable
  • High-quality coffee beans are used
  • Perfect medium roast coffee
  • Fine bitter taste
  • Quick brew
  • Easily gets dissolved
  • Simple to use and preserve
  • The bitter taste might not be suitable for all
  • The jar is very small

5. NESCAFE CLASSICO Dark Roast Instant Coffee

The list of the best instant coffees would be incomplete without the NESCAFE CLASSICO Dark Roast Instant Coffee. This is the best dark roast instant coffee that you will get in the market. The aroma and flavor are too good for a coffee at such a reasonable price. It is very easy to prepare; just adding a teaspoon to a cup of hot water and stirring for a few seconds would be enough to unleash the unique aroma of this coffee.

However, there is one thing that could bother some consumers. Adding the right amount of water can be very tricky with this coffee. If you add less, it will taste bitter. If you add more, it will lose the flavor. So, that makes the brewing procedure a bit hectic. Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the NESCAFE CLASSICO Dark Roast Instant Coffee.

  • Best dark roast instant coffee
  • Inexpensive
  • Nice aroma
  • Strong flavor
  • Very simple to make
  • Each jar can produce up to 100 cups
  • Acidic in nature
  • The strong flavor might not be suitable for all
  • An inaccurate amount of water can deteriorate the taste

Final Words: Our Recommendations

Throughout this article, we have presented you with a list of the best instant coffees you can get in 2022. But, despite reading the buying guide, some of you might still be confused about which product to choose. For that reason, we have dedicated a recommendations section just for you. However, it is essential for you to keep in mind that the recommendation we are making is subjective and does not necessarily have to match your preferences. Nonetheless, it should bring somewhat value and ease your decision-making process. So, please give it a read.

Best Budget Instant Coffee

Maxwell House has a great reputation for providing quality products at a reasonable price. The same is true for the Maxwell House Original Roast Instant Coffee. The price, packaging, and taste come in a profitable package when you buy this coffee. By far, we have not found a single-budget instant coffee that matches the quality of the Maxwell House Original Roast Instant Coffee.

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Best Overall Instant Coffee

Without a doubt, the Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee is the best overall instant coffee in the market. The price is reasonable, and the taste is too good compared to regular instant coffees. When we reviewed this product, it was tough for us to identify its demerits because it doesn’t have much. The quality of this coffee reaches beyond the expectations of the consumers. So, if you are looking for the best instant coffee, go for the Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee without a second thought.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are instant coffee and ground coffee the same?

Instant coffee looks similar to ground coffee, but they are not. Ground coffee is directly made from coffee beans. But, instant coffee goes through an additional phase to reach the ground state. They are extracted from ground coffee which was previously brewed into drinkable coffee.

Is instant coffee bad for your health?

No, instant coffee is generally not harmful to your health. They contain less caffeine and more acrylamide than regular coffee. But, both types have most of the same anti-oxidants. So, talking about the health benefits of drinking coffee, instant coffee is no exception to that.

Does instant coffee taste bad?

Regular instant coffees in the market do have an awkward taste. They can be bitter and sour. The main reason for this is the beans that are used to produce them. As instant coffees are cheaper than regular coffees, the manufacturers usually opt for the cheaper robusta beans, which are slightly less tasty and flavorful than the higher quality arabica beans.

How do you get the bitterness out of instant coffee?

Although instant coffees are cheaper, their taste can be troublesome for consumers. But, there is a way to reduce or, in some cases, eliminate the bitter taste of the coffee. Before adding hot water, mix the instant coffee grounds with a little cold water. This should help ease the bitterness and acidity of the coffee.

Should you refrigerate instant coffee?

The best practice to preserve instant coffee is to keep them in a fridge in an airtight container.

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