Best Brazilian Coffee Brands

Best Brazilian Coffee Brands 2022: Top Picks Tasted & Reviewed

Best 6 Brazilian Coffee Brands 2022: Top Picks Tested & Reviewed: Approximately one-third of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil and it makes sense – the climate is perfect for growing rich and aromatic coffee beans. Brazilian coffee is not too acidic and is always nutty and chocolatey. This is ideal for darker roasts because usually, the beans are well-rounded and less complex.

But what one you should buy? With so many brands to choose from, it can be very difficult to search for the right one. Do not be afraid! We did the job for you, investigating and degusting the best Brazilian coffee brands. We hope to lead you through the jungle of options in those comprehensive reviews. Any questions yet? Look to the end of our buyer’s guide. Find out your favorite Brazilian coffee brand of 2022 and buy with just one click from the links given below!

Top 6 Best Brazilian Coffee Brands 2022 (Buyer’s Guide)

1. Volcanica Brazil Yellow Bourbon

The Volcanica Brazil Yellow Bourbon is an uncommon bean that encapsulates so much of the Brazilian coffee we love. Composed of uncommon Bourbon beans, a strain from Arabica, this coffee is smooth and mellow, with interesting lemon and almond notes.

This medium-roast bean might be a little too dark if you prefer lighter single sources, but coffee drinkers who prefer a decent all-around cup of coffee should find this roast straight scrumptious. This single-origin coffee grows at high altitudes and is full-bodied, extremely aromatic, and mildly acidic. Since this brand does a fantastic job of putting up what we know and love about Brazilian coffee, like our top pick it was a no-brainer.

  • Encapsulates Brazilian coffee
  • Smooth and mellow, with moderate acidity and strong aromas
  • Rare Bourbon coffee beans
  • May be too dark
  • A bit pricey

2. Cooper’s Cask Brazilian Espresso Cremoso

Do you choose coffee from the pre-ground? You may be interested in Cooper’s Cask’s Brazilian Espresso Cremoso, a rich, creamy single-origin coffee that’s available in espresso grind or whole bean. It has the traditional Brazilian coffee chocolate characteristic,c but this roast contains raspberry, orange, and brown sugar notes.

The medium-dark roast of this coffee does a great job of creating different flavors, but it is a little lighter than you might expect for an espresso. It also produces excellent crema, has an outstanding fragrance, and comes in a compact grind size for espresso.

  • Distinctly Brazilian characteristics
  • Available in espresso grind or whole bean
  • Flavors of chocolate, cherry, orange, and brown sugar
  • Lighter roast than we’d expect

3. Pilao Coffee Traditional Roast and Ground


Pilao Coffee is the most popular coffee in one of the world’s most popular coffee regions so it must be on this list of course. That said, this coffee won’t knock your socks off. This still has features you’re hoping from a Brazilian coffee but they aren’t as sophisticated as our top two choices.

The easiest way to think of this coffee is that it is a clone of Folgers from Brazil, although the flavors are a little more complex. You will buy a lot of it at a very fair price when you buy this coffee. If you’re still in a Brazilian diner, don’t be surprised if you’re in a cup of Pilao.

  • All around good cup
  • Sold in bulk
  • Very affordable
  • Lower-quality coffee
  • Less interesting flavor

4. Peet’s Coffee Brazil Minas Naturais Ground Coffee

We had a bit of a hard time finding out where Peets should be placed on the list. It’s a lighter roast than the first three, and of course, it’s a little bit more acidic. This also confirms our preconceived conceptions of fruity, chocolatey, and nutty Brazilian coffee.

As of this bean’s roast, those characteristics are a little more pronounced, and since it’s a bigger roaster, they can’t be as nuanced with the flavors as one might expect. That can lead to some very inconsistent outcomes, a side effect we don’t see on our list with the first three coffees.

  • Good cups are really good
  • Lighter roast
  • Very inconsistent

5. Coffee Bean Direct Dark Brazilian Santos

This Coffee Bean Direct 100 percent Brazilian Santos Arabica is dark-roast for strength but shows an aroma and smoothness usually associated only with lighter roasts. To retain the freshness after roasting, it comes in a foil-lined, valved bag. Tasting notes identify a traditional dark roast flavor with the low acidity we expect to find in a rich and full-bodied Brazilian coffee. The scent is heavy and sweet, with traces of cinnamon, dark chocolate and dried cherry on the finish.

  • Comes in a foil-lined, valved bag
  • Traditional dark roast flavor
  • A heavy and sweet scent
  • Some people said it was overground

6. Cafe Caboclo “˜Torrado e Moido’ Roast and Ground Coffee


This coffee is noteworthy as it is definitely not on the specialty radar but finds itself in a close rivalry with its number 3 competitor – Pilao Coffee. Word on the street is people at Pilao at Cafe Caboclo too. From what we can gather, tin loyalists will turn between the two quite a bit (Folgers-style bulk coffee).

And, as we learn, Brazilian coffee is chocolate and nutty-and Café Caboclo is no exception. Yet to our Folgers this is the Maxwell House. Yeah, it’s got those familiar tastes, but you need to hunt for them. Café Caboclo isn’t a poor choice if you’re looking for a good Brazilian coffee experience at a low price.

  • Price
  • Change of pace
  • Low quality
  • Not authentically Brazilian

Verdict: Best Brazilian Coffee Brands 2022

If you like your coffee a little nutty, you’ll probably be satisfied with a Brazilian coffee cup. Our favorite brand to review is the smooth and fascinating Volcanica Brazil Yellow Bourbon. If you prefer ground coffee, you may want to look at Cooper’s Cask Espresso Cremoso, the excellent. Finally, the organic Pilao Coffee Roast and Ground provides traditional, delicious flavor.



Most people with only a passing interest in coffee would know that Brazil is a major crop producer, but Brazil has always had a reputation for producing coffees of lower quality. There are a lot of Brazilian coffee brands you will be able to find on the marketplace. But it will be a hassle for you to judge every single brand available there and buy the best suit for you.

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That is why we have come up with this review article where we reviewed the best 6 Brazilian coffee brands of 2022. Go through the article, choose your favorite Brazilian coffee brand, and buy with just one click from the links given without hassle!

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