Best Green Tea K-Cups

Best Green Tea K-Cups 2022: Top Picks Tasted & Reviewed

Best Green Tea K-Cups 2021: Top Picks Tasted & Reviewed: Good green tea starts in pretty hot water, with a simple steep. Overly long or low-quality tea leaves will give a bitter taste to your tea. That makes a single-use coffee maker, perfect for making it, which injects a stream of boiling water into the K-cup for a fast brew.

When you’ve already invested in a Keurig-like single-use coffee machine, you can get more value by increasing the range of drinks you can make quickly. Luckily, K-cups come in a wide range of flavors, from hot chocolate to tea. We collected reviews of some of the best green tea K-cups on the market and, in the end, included a helpful buyer’s guide. I hope you’ll find your first new K-cups.

Top 6 Best Green Tea K-Cups 2022: (Buyer’s Guide)

1. Lipton Chamomile Mint Green Tea K-Cups



Lipton Green Tea K Cups took conventional green tea and twisted it by adding calming chamomile and flavorful mint to offer one of the finest teas you can purchase. It’s nicely hot, but the mint gives it a freshness on dry, humid summer days that makes it a perfect iced tea. Just brew it, pour it into your favorite teacup over ice, and then enjoy and relax.

An ever-present concern with K-cup drinks is that the price per cup is still much more costly than any other way to make them. It is important to remember that this one is, overall, a good value among K-cup green teas. You will find some that cost less by the cup, but they don’t have consistency.

  • Excellent flavor
  • Perfect for iced tea
  • Good value
  • Not authentic green tea

2. Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea K Cup


When you’re searching for authentic green tea, a perfect way to get there is the Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea pack. It offers what you’d find in conventional high-grade steeping but with a pod coffee machine’s speed and performance. It provides an excellent, subtle flavor.

What’s more, this is a perfect choice if you’re looking for green iced tea to drink, too. There is no bitterness, which needs a sweetener after steeping. One downside is that if you sort things out by price per cup, it might give you a sticker shock scenario. This is the ideal example of how you are getting what you are paying for. Pay more, and you get more, a lot more, in this scenario.

  • Outstanding flavor
  • Excellent for iced tea
  • Expensive

3. Cha4TEA 36-Count Green-Tea K-Cups

Our favorite thing about the green tea K-cups for Cha4TEA is that they’re a perfect deal for a pretty good drink. The price per cup is among the lowest, and it still offers a good beverage. Given that K-cup drinks seem to come at a pretty steep price, that makes Cha4TEA the best value in the field we’ve been looking at.

That said, if you’ve tried our top two teas and then go to the green tea Cha4TEA, you’ll certainly find a price dropout. It’s still a good tea, but it can’t compete with our top two when it comes to making a great cocktail. If you are using it for iced tea, sweetener will be needed.

  • Affordable
  • Great value
  • Drop-in quality
  • Will want a little sweetener for iced tea

4. Twinings of London Green Tea K Cups


Twinings London is a well-established tea circle company. It is best known for English culture-based black teas, but it does a fine job with other tea forms, including white. Twinings of London Green Tea K-Cups have a relatively strong flavor for a simple green tea. The price is one big downside. In general, K-cups come at a high price per cup, and the Twinings line is especially so for green teas. We have to conclude that for the Twinings name, too, the price often pays. Although this tea has good taste, it is not as good as the other teas.

  • Good flavor
  • Price
  • Not great quality leaves

5. Bigelow Green Tea Keurig K-Cups


The Bigelow brand is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to quality tea. And their Green Tea K-Cups are nothing short of antioxidant-rich and sedative. It’s no pipe dream to brew them on your Keurig 2.0. They function with 2.0 and 1.0.

I consider the tea delicate plus smooth going forward. And not a bit daunting in the least! Even if it provides the much-needed boost to caffeine! Manufacturers such as Bigelow ensure good quality with every pod. And every cup meets a picky green Tea lover’s demands. To be equal, just like me! Your taste buds are not only pleased with the current choice. It pleases your budget, too.

  • Soothing flavor
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Some people found it overly steeped

6. VitaCup Green Tea Coffee Keurig Cups/Pods


Green tea is getting plenty of hype to offer health benefits. We’re sure we’ll be learning more about how it can treat poor hair days. The small downside is that there is not much evidence to back up any of it. Green Tea Coffee Cups from VitaCup attempted to fix this by improving tea with added vitamins, but at least you know you’re getting something out of it. Everything is terrible beyond that. It’s poor in flavor, it has a bitter aftertaste, and it’s costly.

  • Health benefits
  • Tastes terrible
  • Needs sweetener
  • Overly pricey

Verdict: Best Green Tea K-Cups 2022

Lipton’s chamomile-mint green tea blend is our top choice for green tea K-cups to sample. It’s all beautiful, hot, or cold. If you’re looking for a true pure green tea experience, you may want to go for the Celestial Seasonings K-cup. It’s pretty pricey, but it’s still the best raw green tea we’ve found. Cha4TEA has a great choice on the budget. It is not as flavorful as the other two, but for its price, it is fine.

What to Consider Before Buying Best Green Tea K-Cups?

Green tends to be associated with a lighter and more natural flavor than hot teas. It is less refined than black or oolong teas and is associated with Asian teas in general. Since most of us, associate tea with either bags with paper tags at the end of a string or loose tea that you put into a bowl, knowing how to buy it by the K-cup may be a bit daunting. We’ve put together this guide for short buyers to help you figure it out.

  • Quality in Speed

Whatever you use to brew green tea, there is one thing it’s been focused on: the ability to brew hot beverages quickly. That is really important when it comes to brewing any green tea or tea. The consistency of the tea that you’ve got defines how long you need to steep it.

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The higher the tea price, the less time you want to steep the tea. It is also important to note that the longer you have steep tea, the greater the chances of releasing tannins to give it a bitter taste. Make the best use of the limited brewing time of your brewing system by having the best possible leaves.

  • Tea Companies Know Tea

Most companies brand themselves as offering a wide range of styles of drink. Variety packs can be found sometimes with various coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and even ciders. However, if you’re looking for the best green tea, you may want to look for brands unique to the tea.

Some businesses have made selling tea their names. Consequently, they are known to do an excellent job of converting tea from conventional bags and loose tea leaves into pods. Looking for companies specializing in green teas with slightly different steeping requirements than black and other kinds of tea is possibly an even better idea. If in doubt, go along with the expert.

  • Flavors

Checking for various flavors is another strong criterion. The great thing about K-cups is that they allow their makers to infuse a wide range of flavors with their tea leaves. Green tea blends may be found with subtle hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, jasmine, or chamomile.

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This is a perfect way to try the typical green tea flavors with different twists and find the one you like best. The advantage of this is that while K-cups are pretty costly per cup, they come in packages smaller than tea bags. It can cost more upfront, but if you buy a pack of eight pods of a blend of green tea, you don’t care much; you won’t have a lot of extra junk sitting around waiting to get used to it.

  • Price

Price is an unquestionable consideration when purchasing K-cup green tea. Teabags are usually very small. A box of 100 can be purchased for a few bucks. As we have noted, if you buy a blend that you don’t like, you’re stuck with loads of tea bags that you will never get used to.

We should also point out that no matter how fine a coffee machine you have, steeping manually will still yield the highest quality output. Be mindful of this, and you won’t be smashing your budget trying to get the perfect K-cup green tea you can imagine.


You can easily brew a large variety of drinks with a single-cup brewer and several high-quality K-cups. Why not try one of those popular brands while you’re looking for a relaxing cup of green tea? We have picked the best 6 green tea k-cups of 2021 and reviewed those for your convenience. Go through the article, find your favorite green teak-cup, and buy with just one click from the links given above.

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