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​Best Cappuccino Cups 2022: Buyer Guide With Recommendation

“‹Top 8 Best Cappuccino Cups 2022: Best to Enjoy your Cappuccino: Cappuccino may use espresso as a key ingredient, but as anyone who loves the beverage knows, it will not fit into a cup of espresso. The cups are too small for added milk foam to the cappuccino. So, if you want your coffee skills to please your colleagues, you won’t be serving a cappuccino from a typical coffee mug. You will need a set of cappuccino tassels.

There are plenty of cup types and choices out there, but they are not always the best choice for a great cup of cappuccino. You want those that are narrower at the base and broader at the rim when you’re looking for cappuccino cups. It helps milk foam to be domed onto the edge. There are a great many options, even under these basic parameters.

How To Choose “‹Best Cappuccino Cups?

There are plenty of cup types and choices out there, but they are not always the best choice for a great cup of cappuccino. You want those that are narrower at the base and broader at the rim when you’re looking for cappuccino cups. It helps milk foam to be domed onto the edge. There are a great many options, even under these basic parameters.

Nevertheless, we did the hard work for you and checked out the best choices on the market for cappuccino cups. In this article, you’ll find out the review of the eight best cappuccino cups of 2022. We compiled a list of our favorites and noted each one’s pros and cons. Read on for our analysis of the best eight cappuccino cups


Top 7 “‹”‹Best Cappuccino Cups (Editor Choice)

1. Le Creuset Stoneware Cappuccino Cups


Our top choice is Le Creuset Stoneware Package with 2 Cappuccino Cups and Saucers. We are beautifully shaped – narrow at the base and broad at the rim – and elegantly have Le Creuset’s signature. They are made of high-fired stoneware and coated with non-porous enamel, which makes them very durable. The enamel has the extra advantage of odor resistance, staining, chipping, and cracking.

They’re free, speedy to clean the dishwasher. If you’ve got another stoneware from Le Creuset, these will suit. They come with a lifetime warranty, too. The only issue is they’re a bit pricey, but we feel they’re worth the added cost, especially if you already own other pieces from Le Creuset.

  • Non-porous enamel finish
  • Durable stoneware
  • Perfect shape for cappuccino
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Matches other Le Creuset stoneware
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Pricier

2. Sweese 6x Porcelain Cappuccino Cups


If you search for a bigger collection of inexpensive cappuccino cups with saucers, one of our favorites is the Sweese Porcelain Latte & Cappuccino Cups with Saucers collection. Not only are cappuccinos the ideal size and shape, but they do also have large rims to make them some of the best latte cups.

These come in several color choices, which is perfect for looking for a color theme in particular. We were impressed with their longevity since they are made of non-toxic, lead-free, very durable, and chip-resistant pro-grade porcelain. Sweese also appears to be standing behind this model, providing a 30-day no-chip guarantee.

  • Multiple color options
  • Pro-grade porcelain
  • Very durable
  • 30-day no-chip warranty
  • Wide enough for beautiful lattes
  • Small handles

3. Kitchables Double-Walled Glass Cappuccino-Cups


Kitchables Glass Cappuccino Cups are double-walled to keep your coffee hot, which is a great feature, particularly when you add milk – like in a cappuccino. They will make your coffee hot, but it will keep your fingers cold. The glass is robust and safe enough for microwave and dishwasher use.

The cups also come with a promise for life. However, there are some negatives to those cups. They seem to be so narrow down they quickly collapse, not the best thing to happen when they’re full of hot coffee! Water, too, can get in between the double walls over time and is almost difficult to dry out completely.

  • Keeps coffee hot
  • Keeps your fingers cool
  • Durable
  • Safe for microwave and dishwasher
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Topple easily
  • Water gets in between the glass walls

4. Coffeezone Double Cappuccino Cup & Saucer

The Coffeezone Double Espresso Coffee Cup and Saucer also work well for cappuccino, as it’s available in three sizes: five ounces, 8.5 ounces, and 10.5 ounces. Though made of high-quality bone china, it is still sturdy and durable. Cleaning is simple because it is suitable for the dishwasher.

And we’ve enjoyed it coming in a range of colors. On the other hand, the cups’ specified capacities are half off, so buying larger than you think you like. It also contains just one cup and saucer, meaning you’ll have to pay a little more to get a full package.

  • Three capacities
  • High-quality bone china
  • Variety of colors
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stated capacities are off by .5 ounces
  • Only one cup and saucer included

5. Bormioli Rocco Oslo Cappuccino Glass Cups


We love the Glass Cups Bormioli Rocco Oslo Cappuccino style. They are made of tempered glass for longevity, but the detachable handles are made of stainless steel for a sleek look. They’re suitable for dishwashers and microwaves until the handles are removed.

These come in a package of four, even though they do not contain saucers. The cons are clustered mainly around the handles. They detach, which is useful for microwaves since they’re made of metal, but often they come off when you don’t want them to – like when your cup is full of coffee. The handles are uncomfortable while they look elegant. The cups on the flimsy side, too, are more.

  • Tempered glass for durability
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Set of four
  • Metal handles detach easily
  • Uncomfortable handles
  • Flimsy construction

6. MIWARE 4x Porcelain Cappuccino Cups & Saucers


If you love a nice, white kitchen with matching plates and cups, you might consider the MIWARE Porcelain Cappuccino Cups with Saucers a great option. They are made of porcelain of high nature, which ensures that they are non-toxic and durable. In the microwave, dishwasher, oven, or even in the freezer, you can put them.

These are stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, although they are dry. These have some imperfections, sadly. There are rough spots on the rims on many of the cups, which make the quality questionable. There are no other color choices, so you’ll be disappointed if you want your coffee cups to be bright.

  • Professional-grade porcelain
  • Different capacities
  • Stain- and scratch-resistant
  • Some imperfections
  • No color options
  • On the smaller side

7. Konitz Coffee Bar Cappuccino Cups and Saucers


Since 1909, Könitz, a German-based porcelain maker, has produced a wide variety of crockery items, including cappuccino cups. This typically styled, best-selling range of 6-ounce white cups is thick-walled to help keep your drink hot. The four-handled cup set comes with matching saucers.

  • Durable porcelain
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Finger loops are too big

Verdict: “‹Best Cappuccino Cups 2022

We assume the Stoneware Set from Le Creuset has the best cappuccino cups because of its elegance and durability. They are made to serve cappuccino in the best possible proportions, so you don’t have to worry about chipping them quickly. We believe they are safe to use as a dishwasher to make washing even easier.

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The lifetime warranty demonstrates Le Creuset is firmly behind its label. Sweese Porcelain Latte & Cappuccino Cups with Saucers won our Best for Money category because, at an affordable price, it offers six cups with saucers. We loved the cups making lovely latte cups, too, and they came in several color choices. Best of all, they’re made from highly durable, pro-grade porcelain.


Any moment will forever be a moment of happiness. Only a cup of cappuccino and an exciting book or a stunning sunset are all you need. From tiny cappuccino cups to large cappuccino cups, white cappuccino cups to clear glass cappuccino cups, this review contains a wide range of cappuccino cups that will win your hearts.

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But buying a cappuccino cup that will serve your purpose is very hard to find among the plenty of options available. That is why in this article, we have reviewed the nine best cappuccino cups of 2022. Go through the article, find your favorite cappuccino cup and buy with just one click from the given links!

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