How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar

How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar? Easy Techniques to Learn

How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar: Necessary Techniques That You Should Learn: There’s a fair chance you own a Ninja Coffee Bar if you are reading this. Let’s take some time to enjoy this magnificent machine that makes our favorite coffee drinks. It is one of the most diverse on the market, drip coffee makers. It has such a wide variety of settings that we can drink just about everything we want to make from a drip coffee machine. It even has a frother of milk! This incredible coffee maker is fundamental and easy to clean.

Cleaning is an essential part of any maintenance of a coffee brew. It allows the computer to continue running correctly and to deliver longer quality results. Not to mention that bacteria will grow all the filth that builds up inside the machine, and nobody wants that. Today, we’ll learn how to clean up a Ninja Coffee Bar to keep it working at its best.

When Should You Clean Ninja Coffee Bar?


How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar?


The Ninja Coffee Bar System has a light at the bottom left, saying, “Clean.” When the system senses, it needs to be cleaned, this illuminates. This is a good indication, but you can still opt to clean your system once every two months. If you use it every day, this is a good time interval once a month.

Process How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar

There are two processes for actually cleaning your Ninja Coffee Bar. Clean soap and water to the external components. Then use white vinegar to scrub the inside out. We’ll explain both of those processes.

Clean the Outside with Soap and Water

  • Start by cleaning the easily removable pieces, such as the coffee measuring spoon and the brew basket. These can be washed or rinsed with hot water using a wet rag.
  • It would help if you used a moist cloth and has some soap to wipe the outside. This removes stains from milk or coffee to make the outside glisten. Some soap residue may remain, so it doesn’t hurt to wipe down with just water after the soap.
  • Use caution when cleaning the warming plate for temp. This piece is fragile. It’s the easiest way to clean it with soap and a sponge and does a great job getting it clean.

Clean the Inside of Ninja Coffee Bar with White Vinegar


Clean the Inside of Ninja Coffee Bar


The instruction manual states that you can use white vinegar or Ninja descaling solution. For this guide, we’ll show you how to clean your Ninja Coffee Bar using white vinegar.

Rinse Cycle: You may use white vinegar or Ninja descaling solution in the instruction manual. We’ll teach you how to use white vinegar to clean your Ninja Coffee Bar for this tutorial.

Reparation: Before it can pass into your coffee bar machine, the vinegar-water mixture needs to be diluted. Ninja recommends weighing it in the tank of water.

  • Put in 16 ounces of white vinegar to the line “Travel Mug.”
  • Attach the water then to the line “Full Fill.”

Cleaning Cycle:

  • Place the carafe below the pour out the spout.
  • Select setting to “Full Carafe.”
  • To run the machine, press the “Clean” button, and let the magic happen.

A countdown on the screen begins. This process can take up to 60 minutes, but once you see what it cleans up, it’s worth it!

Flush Cycle: Still run water through it again after the vinegar passes through the unit. On your computer, the screen display will say “Wash.”

  • Rinse your carafe out first, and then bring it back under the pour spout.
  • Fill your reservoir with water back to the line “Max Fill.”
  • Click the “Clean” button, and an eight-minute flush process will pass through the unit.
  • Once the process is complete, the “Clean” light will turn off.

The flush cycle is vital as it will leave behind the pungent odor of vinegar to get rid of any residue left in the machine, which can affect your coffee’s flavor. The water in vinegar can be disposed of down the drain.

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Get Your Glass Carafe Cleaned: You’ve used it to capture all the nastiness that comes from the coffee machine, and it needs a good wash. It is a secure dishwasher, but use the top rack if you are using the dishwasher. Otherwise, you’ll be able to hand-wash it just as you should.

Cleaning the Milk Frother

It is only necessary to clean the milk frother after using it, but clean it after ALL use. That’s easier than you think, but this is a photograph and steps to guide you.

  • Grab a glass and fill it with hot water halfway through.
  • Stick the milk frother into the glass at least halfway or more and keep it up and down (as seen in the photo).
  • Switch the frother on by clicking the button above. Keep it away from the frother for around 20-30 seconds to get all the milk residue.

General Tips Ninja Coffee Bar (How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar)

We’ve added a few more tips to make your cleaning easier! Check out these:

  • Use white vinegar instead. Using other types of vinegar or cleaners can damage the machine, and then you’re not going to be able to have coffee.
  • During the cleaning process, the system will become dark. Do not press any other buttons during the flush cycle or the cleaning cycle.
  • If you hate the vinegar’s odor, try putting lemon into the water that you end up using for the flush cycle. For those with sensitive noses, it offers a more soothing smell.
  • To take extra safety precautions, use the Instruction Manual. The experts know what they say.
  • Do not push another button on your Ninja when the button “CLEAN” is on.
  • Just clean the machine when it’s finished.
  • When rinsing it with water, disconnect the coffee maker from the power outlet.

It would help if you had a clear insight into cleaning your Ninja Coffee Bar machine with those steps. Hopefully, knowing how many bacteria can grow inside a coffee machine is enough motivation to try this yourself. It’s comfortable yet can be time-consuming, but for your coffee habit, it’s one of the best things you can do.

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