How to Clean Coffee Maker with Apple Cider Vinegar

How to Clean Coffee Maker with Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar (A Professional Coffee Maker Cleaner): Taking a cup of coffee in the morning is a charming habit, don’t you think? Although, only a single cup would not be enough. Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide. Most of the families and offices have their own coffee maker to have a cup faster. In that case, cleaning a coffee maker is another concern.

There are many solutions available in the market to clean a coffee maker. But, it is a question of which one would be best. Among many unique solutions, apple cider vinegar is one of them. We will talk about cleaning a coffee maker with apple cider vinegar along with all the necessary information. Let’s follow our review.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a popular remedy from ancient times. People have been using it for centuries. It is not only used for several health improvements but also many other diseases. It is also used for many cleaning purposes. Let’s learn about them in our review.

  • Weight Balance

In many research, apple cider vinegar is provided to be able to lower weight. It is a good remedy to balance being overweight. Although the effect is not pretty hardcore as taking 15ml per day with 250ml water can reduce 1kg within 12 weeks. Unfortunately, the effect is not permanent, and the weight can return within 4 weeks. Taking regularly may help a little, and it is pretty easy to use without any side effects.

  • Digestion

Many research types suggest that apple cider vinegar helps digest food and lower down the effect from fat elements. It also helps to break down fat cells that have an overall healthy effect on the body. It is not the most effective ingredient, but there is no side effect, and quite easy to acquire.

  • Heart-related Disease

Apple cider vinegar breaks bad LDL cholesterols that increase the heart situation and decrease the risk of getting any disease. It also helps to prevent sudden heart attacks or other small to mid-scale diseases.  

Some types of research have shown that it cleans wastes in arteries. So, getting regular apple cider vinegar is a good way to keep your heart safe.

  • Diabetes Control

Apple cider vinegar reduced the insulin and glucose level in the food. While mixing with carbohydrate food, it reduces the glucose and insulin level to control diabetes from happening. Someone with diabetes can use it to maintain a decent control over the food level. As a reminder, it only works on food with high glycaemic. There is no effect on foods with lower glycaemic.

  • Cleaning Solution

Vinegar is a soft and natural cleaning solution. Apple cider vinegar is no different either. It has acidic acid that is pretty effective against different kinds of pathogens. It cleans off different types of bacteria, fungus, warts, lice, and more. It also prevents different infections. Is cleaning vinegar safe for a coffee maker? It shows the answer. Yes, it is safe.

Apple cider vinegar is a popular item to preserve food as well. It keeps food from bacterias like E.coli. For centuries, it has been a homemade natural preservation solution and is still popular.

How to Make Good Quality Apple Cider Vinegar?

Let’s talk about making Apple Cider Vinegar. You will learn the step-by-step guideline here.

  • First, you need ingredients like apple, sugar or honey, and water. People may use some extra ingredient for improvement or smell creation, but these are the basic items.
  • Choose fresh and good-quality apples. If possible, try to mix different variants for better quality. Keeping them in the freezer is good for later usage.
  • Choose the right number according to your vinegar expectation. Wash them properly and try to avoid any spoiled apples.
  • Cut them with a sharp knife and make them as small size as possible.
  • Select a proper jar with a wide mouth. Avoid any metallic build; glass is the best choice.
  • Use enough water to cover up the fruits and use more than necessary if possible. There is no problem with a little bit more water.
  • Use 1 teaspoon (approx. 4grms) or sugar for each apple.
  • Mix it with water perfectly and cover it up with a cloth.
  • Keep the jar out of light and store it at a temperature of around 700
  • Blend the mixture at least twice every day.
  • When the time comes, collect the mixture and split them up into different elements. Ferment from 3-6 weeks.
  • Split vinegar and all the other stuff. Clean it wisely, and the job is done.

How to Clean Coffee Maker with Apple Cider Vinegar?


How to Clean Coffee Maker with Apple Cider Vinegar


As we have talked about making vinegar from apples, let’s jump into the process of using it as a cleaner. After all, cleaning is one of the best usages of apple cider vinegar. Instead of cleaning processes, we will only discuss how to clean a coffee maker with apple cider vinegar.

Follow our step-by-step guidelines to learn about it.

  • Identify your coffee maker brand and read their official guidelines. Some coffee makers may not be suitable to be cleaned with any liquid solution. Although most popular brands are suitable. Cleaning Cuisinart coffee maker with vinegar is one of the top searches of users.
  • Get good quality apple cider vinegar from the store or make them through our previously stated guidelines.
  • You can use two methods of cleaning. Use only apple vinegar first, then freshwater over it. Else you can mix them and use them as a combined solution.
  • First, clean the outside by wiping smoothly.
  • Use soft cloth instead of any harsh thing.
  • Split the removable parts and do the same process of cleaning.
  • Rinse the surface and continue the cycle unless you are satisfied with the result.
  • In terms of how often to clean coffee maker, after every use is the best way. Although once in a day to week is also good enough.

Safety Measure

While cleaning a coffee maker with apple cider vinegar, you have to take certain safety measures. Some of them are minor or not worth mentioning, but some of them are pretty important.

  • If someone drinks apple cider vinegar, there is no fear of side effects.
  • Splitting the coffee maker’s removable parts is important.
  • Maintain the vinegar density as the acid solution can do minor damage to steel or other elements.
  • Try to use good quality vinegar with a sweet smell.
  • Turn off any electric connection with the coffee maker.
  • Don’t use the vinegar inside if there is a possibility of hampering the internal functions.

Final Word: How to Clean Coffee Maker with Apple Cider Vinegar?

We have talked about apple cider vinegar, its usage, and its cleaning features. Later, you have learned about how to clean a coffee maker with apple cider vinegar as well. Apple vinegar or different fruit vinegar has been used for centuries as a homemade solution for health improvement and regular cleaning.

A small amount is enough to get the job done. You can make them in a home or buy from a store but select the quality over the price. They are pretty cheap anyway. Apple cider vinegar provides smooth cleaning to the coffee maker and does not have any side effects. However, there are many other solutions as well. If you are thinking about how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar, follow some other available guidelines.

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