Best Mexican Coffee Brands 2021: Top Picks Reviewed

Best Mexican Coffee Brand

Top Mexican Coffee Brands 2021: Mexican coffee is less about beans or what kind of roast. It’s more about the experience. Cinnamon, sugar, and other flavors are organized right into the brewing, which is not added later to a hot drink. The result is a coffee that is intricate, smooth, and a little spicy.

It’s a rich way to drink coffee and maybe a little impending. Replicating what your resort got so good on your last vacation requires knowing a lot of different things.

There are many Mexican Coffee Brands that took the top spots on the chart. Among them, there are a total of 10, which are the best of the best.

Top 10 Best Mexican Coffee Brands to Buy 2021

New Mexico Piñon...image New Mexico Piñon Coffee Naturally Flavored Coffee (Traditional Piñon Whole Bean, 2 pound) View on Amazon
Mexican Coffee, Organic,...image Mexican Coffee, Organic, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce View on Amazon
Decaf SWP Organic...image Decaf SWP Organic Mexican City Roast, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag View on Amazon
Cafe De Olla...image Cafe De Olla Mexican Coffee Ground View on Amazon
Anthony's Organic Unroasted...image Anthony's Organic Unroasted Whole Green Coffee Beans, 2lbs, Mexican Altura Arabica Beans, Raw, Batch Tested and Gluten Free View on Amazon
Lacas Coffee Company...image Lacas Coffee Company Fair Trade Organic Mexican Dark - Chiapas Whole Bean 5 lbs. View on Amazon
Fresh Roasted Coffee...image Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Organic Mexican Swiss Water Decaf Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Bean, 2 Pound Bag View on Amazon
12 Oz. Dancing...image 12 Oz. Dancing Moon Dark Roast, Mexican Chiapas Organic Whole Bean Coffee View on Amazon
Van Houtte Mexico...image Van Houtte Mexico Coffee - 96 K Cups View on Amazon
Café Bustelo Coffee,...image Café Bustelo Coffee, Mexican Style Instant Coffee, 7.05 Ounce (Pack of 12) View on Amazon
1. New Mexico Piñon Coffee:


Best Mexican Coffee Brand

The best Mexican coffee beans come from New Mexico. New Mexico’s Piñon Coffee has indications of cinnamon spice and chocolate, which make for Mexican coffee that stands out in a crowded field. That gives it an excellent, extraneous flavor that meshes well in a moderate roast.

Pinon nuts are used by the company to flavor the coffee but have discontinued that over deficit issues. That could make a great difference if you are a long-time customer and used to that extra, but if you’re new to Mexican coffee, you’ll never miss what you never had.

  • A mite of the exotic
  • A great blend of roast and extras
  • Superior flavor
  • No longer flavored with piñon
2. Volcanica Mexican:


Mexican Coffee Brand

Volcanica’s Mexican Coffee got our eyes for the best Mexican ground coffee. Depending on what you have been looking for in a coffee, it might be your top pick. We like that it adds the nuttiness of hazelnut to an already complex blend of roasted beans and superior flavors. It’s an interesting thing. The coffee is tasty on its own, but the difference is the hazelnut added at the start of brewing versus after in a flavored creamer is mentionable.

 It got our number two ranking because it’s ground coffee. We prefer whole beans because it’s a more multipurpose purchase. You can grind them to suit your preferred style of brewing. They also retain their capacity longer than packaged pre-ground coffees.

  • Complex
  • Flavored with hazelnut
  • Excellent flavor
  • Ground coffee
3. Coffee Bean Direct Organic Decaf Mexican City Roast:
Best Mexican Coffee Brands 2020

Decaf SWP Organic Mexican City Roast got our eyes for the top decaf pick because it hit on the major cylinders. It’s a top-level decaf coffee that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

 There are two philosophies to decaf coffee. It involves heating the same beans two times, and usually, with chemicals, it’s mild on flavor and firm on bitterness. This one uses premium Swiss water processing to leach out caffeine without using chemicals, so it’s smooth and without bitterness. It’s also pretty heavy for a decaf.

Another drawback of eradicating caffeine is that flavor can sometimes be incoherent. That’s the case with this one. If you’re buying a specialty coffee like Mexican, you need appropriate results. This one is light on them.

  • Swiss processing
  • Exquisite flavor
  • Good value
  • Can be incoherent
4. Cafe De Olla Mexican Ground Coffee:


Mexican Coffee Brands

When it comes to a grand Mexican coffee, Cafe de Olla is a perfect choice. Among all the coffees we looked at, this one stood out as the most authentic. We were tempted to give it the chart’s top spot for ground coffees, but ultimately it came down to a matter of value.

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It gets the flavor and texture right. It’s an intricate blend of spice and medium roast coffee. It’s not just a drink that works on several different layers but also without the bitterness associated with dark roasts.

However, it’s expensive enough that it probably goes beyond the expectation of everyday drinking unless you normally spend oodles of money on coffee. It also comes pre-ground. We like whole beans for reasons of freshness.

  • Smooth
  • Great flavor
  • Pre-ground
  • Very pricy
5. Anthony’s Organic Mexican Altura Arabica Coffee Beans:


Anthony’s Organic Whole Bean Coffee isn’t, strictly speaking, Mexican coffee. The beans are grown in Mexico, so it’s Mexican coffee. It’s just not a Mexican coffee.

Many of our other coffees had spices and sugars already pre-mixed. For this one, you’ll have to do that yourself after you make it. It’s our fifth pick surely because of that.

Otherwise, this is an amazing coffee and a great base for a Mexican coffee. We like that it comes in whole beans rather than grounds, so you can grind it yourself based on your own brewing style. It’s also priced to be a good value.

  • Good basic flavor
  • Good value
  • Whole bean versatility
  • Have to add flavors
6. Lacas Organic Mexican Dark Coffee:


Mexican Coffee Brands to Buy

We think of the Lacas Coffee Company Mexican Dark decaf as an uncaffeinated version of Anthony’s Organic Whole Bean coffee. It’s got good flavor and sets a great tone if you want to make it into a Mexican coffee drink, but you need to add the cinnamon and sugar during the brewing process yourself. That’s why it is dropped to sixth.

It’s got great flavors, with hints of cherry and chocolate. Add a little cinnamon and sugar while you heat it, and you’ve got yourself a good Mexican coffee. So, if you don’t mind doing a little work, we can recommend it.

We do note that it is a decaf, which we hold against it only because it is not liked by most people. It’s also kind of expensive compared to some of the other coffees evaluated.

  • Great base for a Mexican coffee
  • Good flavor
  • Decaf
  • Very expensive
7. Fresh Roasted Coffee Organic Mexican Chiapas:


Fresh Roasted Coffee’s Dark Mexican Chiapas Organic needs a little amount of sugar to make it a proper Mexican coffee. Then it again needs a little more sugar to remove its sour taste. You might also want to take a little sugar yourself to cut the bitter aftertaste of having to pay for it.

Once you get past all that, however, you’ve got yourself a coffee that you can call a Mexican coffee. It’s strong and intricate with a few hints of chocolate and spice. One thing we like is that it’s sold as whole beans. That means you can grind it to the firmness best suited for your style of brewing. It stays fresh longer than the coffee you buy already ground.

  • Whole beans
  • Great flavor
  • Needs a little sugar
  • Sour taste
  • Expensive 
8. Dancing Moon Organic Mexican Chiapas Coffee:


You can expect some products that might have delivered great results in a crowded market than the rest to fall by the wayside. That’s the fate of Dancing Moon’s Dark Roast whole bean coffee.

One thing we like about it is that for a dark roast, and it’s smooth. Dark roasts have a reputation as sturdy, in-your-face coffees. This one aborts in. We also like that this product is a whole bean. That means you are in control of how goodly it gets ground.

You are paying for that versatility. Within the field, it’s pricey compared to other brews. When it comes to flavor, it doesn’t stand out. That makes it a suboptimal value.

  • Whole bean versatility
  • Smooth, especially for a dark roast
  • Okay flavor
  • Pricey

9. Van Houtte Mexican-Coffee:


Best Mexican Coffee Brands

Keurig coffee makers are a specialty way to make coffee. Because of how specific a customer base they serve, we included one while not ranking it high. We’d consider ranking a Keurig-compatible cup higher than regular coffee, but it’d have to be for a tremendous coffee experience. Green Mountain’s Van Houtte Mexican Coffee K-Cup is absolutely very good.

It has an awesome flavor, something that a Keurig can deliver. It also brews fast and without a lot of work. But it’s still a K-cup. You’re better off spending a little extra dime getting a decent bag of ground coffee and putting in a little work. These K-cups also have a reputation for not good seals.

  • Fast
  • Good flavor
  • Poor quality pods
  • For Keurigs only
10. Café Bustelo Mexican Style Instant Coffee:



There was a time when the grinding advancement of technology into consumer goods promised to make just about every food available in very little time. Minute rice shrank cooking rice from 20 minutes to a minute. Microwaves made burritos ready in a minute. Instant coffee? You can see where this is going.

We pulled up the corner of that tent and looked inside. What we saw terrified us, disturbed us, left us feeling vacant inside. It looked like coffee, even smelled a little like it. But it was just plain wrong.

We give you Café Bustelo’s Mexican Style Instant Coffee. It’s fast and advantageous. It is a fortune of Mexican coffee, but with nobody and a two-dimensional flavor. Plus, it is very expensive.

  • Fast and convenient
  • Nobody
  • Expensive
  • Superficial flavor

Best Mexican Coffee Brands- Conclusion:

New Mexico’s Piñon Coffee might not be flavored with piñon nuts anymore, but it’s still top in our slots of Best Mexican Coffee Brands. It does everything right, but costs just enough to make it an expensive habit of people. Volcanica’s ground Mexican Coffee was our pick for top ground Mexican coffee for its rich, intricate flavor. We just prefer whole beans to pre-ground. Decaf SWP Organic Mexican City Roast got our eyes for top decaf Mexican coffee for delivering a combination of flavor, value, and chemical-free processing system, although you might find the flavor results inconsistent.

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Cafe de Olla’s Authentic Mexican Ground Coffee gets the particulars of Mexican coffee right. It’s pricey and comes pre-ground, so you’ll want to figure out a storage or use it up. Anthony’s Organic Whole Bean Coffee is a great ground for Mexican coffee. Although the beans are grown in Mexico, it requires the spices and sugars necessary for a Mexican coffee drink.

Lacas Coffee Company Mexican Dark has good flavor and many potentials to be the Best Mexican Coffee brand, but you need to add the cinnamon and sugar yourself. It’s also decaf. The Dark Mexican Chiapas Organic Coffee from Fresh Roasted Coffee is pricey and also has a sour taste. It’s also suitable as a Mexican coffee drink with a little extra sugar.

Dancing Moon’s Dark Roast does nothing to set itself apart except for costing a lot, which goes through the roof. Green Mountain’s Van Houtte Mexican K-cup delivers good flavor, but it’s only worth the investment if you have a Keurig maker in your home. The cups have a fame for failing, too. Café Bustelo’s Mexican Style Instant coffee is great for people who don’t understand coffee. That’s about it.

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