Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Best Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee: Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

Blue Mountain Coffee a delicious experience. In this article, we discuss what makes this bean unique, how to purchase it and verify it’s authenticity, and how to brew it.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Facts

The beans must be reaped from four explicit parishes: Portland, St. Andrew, St. Thomas, and St. Mary, in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The beans in those parishes must develop above altitudes of 3,000 feet and under 5,500 feet to qualify as Blue Mountain Coffee.

You most likely definitely realize that altitude is significant in espresso development. It has more to do with the harsher condition than anything ‘supernatural’ to do with being nearer to the sky. At that altitude, plants are less equipped for development, which means less possibility of malady, also. Up so high, they become harder and denser, restricted by the measure of water, yet their flavors are given more time to extend because of creating complex sugars.

What makes Blue Mountain coffee so pined for are the novel conditions that come along with that high elevation and brutal condition explicitly in the Blue Mountains. Cool, canvassed in fog, and contacting the mists, this volcanic soil sustains a really particular drinking experience. It requires twofold the measure of investment for these espresso plants to mature for the picking at an average of 10 months.

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The labor intensive picking procedure is followed by a thorough investigation. Only all-around flawless beans are permitted to be viewed as Blue Mountain Coffee. Most roasters use machines to separate out great and awful beans, however, that is unacceptable behavior for this coffee variety.

These beans are isolated out by hand, reviewed for any unwanted characteristics, for example, being too enormous or excessively little. Next, they are isolated out by any deformities, for example, those made by the espresso borer bug. Just consummately entire, absolutely clean beans join the affirmed heap.

After the beans are simmered, the Coffee Industry Board should officially favor them. Truly, there is a Jamaica Coffee Industry Board (JCIB, for short) and I have never been so glad to find that there is a board of specialists measuring this excellent, charged drink. The JCIB sets the rules and guidelines, examines the beans green and cooked, and afterward blinds trial the espresso for the benefit of all espresso authorities.

They fill out definite forms with respect to the espresso and after that choose whether it’s deserving of the Blue Mountain seal : and truly, there’s a genuine seal. Blue Mountain is a globally ensured brand, and on the off chance that you don’t see the official seal and paper trail, put it down and forget about it.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Fascinating Facts

  • Beans develop above altitudes of 3000 ft and under 5,500 ft
  • Certifiable Blue Mountain Coffee is rare
  • Jamaica delivers just 4 – 5 million pounds per year in contrast with Panama (13 million pounds) and the Dominican Republic (118 million pounds)
  • 10 months-sprout to harvest
  • Three cuppers do the tasting and assessment
  • Espresso beans are hand-arranged for quality, just 85% of espresso beans are sufficient for fare
  • Picking espresso is labor-intensive, espresso trees are only occasionally developed on level or moving slopes, they are developed for the most part on soak points up to 70 degrees

Things to Consider Before Buying Jamaican Coffee

Picking the right product can be tough, especially when we are talking about blue mountain coffee. So, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before choosing a coffee product that claims to be original Jamaican blue mountain coffee.


The price of the coffee can tell a lot about it more than you think. If it is pricey, you may want to move forward with it. And it is also obvious for such coffees to cost more as it is one the best ones in the world. On the other hand, a cheap Jamaican blue mountain coffee can only signal the fact that it is a blend. There may be a few amounts of the original beans. So, you might want to rethink before getting a budget-friendly product.


The packaging of the coffee product is where all the tricks and twists are visible. The first thing that you want to look for is the Coffee Industry Board Seal. There should be a mark stating “Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee”. And make sure to verify whether it is original or looks scammy and fake.

If you have a hard time verifying the label, the next step would be to check the paperwork. All Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has declaration paperwork that verifies the authenticity of the product. You will understand by going through the documents whether it is the real deal or not. If the seller doesn’t agree, there is a major chance of the product being a fake one. Another important thing to go through in the packaging is whether the whole process of producing the coffee product is done in that region or not. If it states that the process is done elsewhere, that isn’t an authentic product.

The coffee is an exceptional one indeed. So, the packaging style also has to be exceptional. The bags that contain the beans should be either vacuum-packed in barrier bags or premium quality foil bags. And, the bags must have one-way degassing valves that help preserve the original aroma and freshness of the beans.

How to know you’re purchasing Genuine Coffee?

  • Continuously Check The Packaging: Jamaican Blue Mountain is developed, broiled, and bundled on the island. In case you’re holding a pre-bundled sack of Blue Mountain that says it was stuffed in Europe or the USA, the odds are it’s not what it says it is.
  • Don’t Trust Blue Mountain Blends: On the off chance that you purchase a blend containing these holy beans, know that there’s no base measure of Blue Mountain that must be incorporated; it could be as low as 10%. Possibly purchase a mix in case you’re mindful of it, and are not paying a premium.
  • Search For The Seal Of Certification: The espresso board stamp has appeared on all authentic Blue Mountain beans. It’s a blue hover, inside is a picture of a mountain, an island map, a barrel, and espresso beans. This is guaranteed by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (CIB) so you can confide in this stamp. In case you’re going out to shop, acclimate yourself with it so you’ll know whether the seal you’re taking a gander at is all it ought to be.
  • Purchase From Someone You Trust- Your most logical option for finding the real thing is to purchase from a genuine espresso master. Craftsman roasters and processors that are enthusiastic about their items are less inclined to attempt to scam you.
  • Do not Be Afraid To Ask Questions- Any individual who has genuine Blue Mountain will be pleased with that reality. It is difficult to stop by, so there will be an administrative work trail.

They shouldn’t be irritated in the event that you request to see some documentation, indeed, they’ll most likely make you a blend and tell you its story.

Now that you are aware of the vital points while buying a Jamaican blue mountain coffee, you are well set to make a pick. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 5 100% Authentic Best Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

1. Volcanica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Our first pick on the list is the Volcanica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. A thing about the Volcanica Coffee brand is that they are always top-notch when it comes to providing high-quality products. And the same is true for their Jamaican blue mountain variety. This whole bean coffee is medium roasted by the manufacturers to ensure a perfect flavor and preserve the original characteristics of the Jamaican blue mountain coffee. The taste and flavor are just beyond perfect.

If you are worried about the freshness of the product when it is delivered to your doorstep, then you are having an unnecessary headache. The company seals the bag as soon as they are roasted to preserve the freshness of the beans. In addition to that, you will get the product as soon as possible. So, that is a big relief indeed.

Now, coming to the vital part, the interior component of the beans. The product is 100% Pure Jamaican blue mountain coffee. There is no mixture of other varieties of beans. And, it also has the certification of the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority for its authentic taste. And all these merits are the sole reason why the price is costly. It is quite expensive compared to the other coffee brands. So, if you can afford them, don’t think twice.

  • Whole bean coffee
  • 100% Jamaica blue mountain coffee beans
  • It has certifications
  • Fresh delivery
  • Great taste and flavor
  • Quite expensive

2. Green Coffee Traders 100% Jamaica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Our second choice is the Green Coffee Traders 100% Jamaica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. From the name, you can get a clear idea that the beans are 100% Jamaican blue mountain variety and do not contain any blend. But, that is not the only reason why we ranked it as number two.

A special feature of the beans is that you can roast them on your own if you prefer. If you want to taste it your own way, the company can send the fresh green beans. On the other hand, if you like to have it delivered by doing the roasting for you, that option is available too. But, either way, you will be delivered fresh coffee.

We tasted the coffee and it was superb. The aroma and flavor were exquisite. Just the way you’d expect from a true Jamaican blue mountain coffee. However, don’t expect them to be cheap. These are some fine-quality beans. And, their price is very much worth it if you can afford it. Besides, compared to the previous product from Volcanica Coffee, it is relatively less expensive.

  • Whole bean coffee
  • 100% Jamaican Coffee Beans
  • Fresh delivery
  • Nice taste and flavor
  • You can roast your own beans
  • Fairly expensive

3. Coffee Traders One-Hundred Percent Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

The third product on our list is the Coffee Traders One-Hundred Percent Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Although pre-ground coffee isn’t our favorite option, we had to include this product on our list for two main reasons: outstanding flavor and some customers prefer pre-ground coffee.

You should know that this coffee is also available in the whole bean state. So, if you want to try it differently, you will always have the option. The coffees are 100% Jamaica blue mountain variety. There is no mixture of other types of beans. To add credibility, the company provides certification of origin. Hence, that signals a positive impression of the product.

What makes the taste and flavor so authentic is the medium roast. This particular roast level captures the original aroma of the beans and delivers a fine experience with every cup.

  • 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
  • It has certification of origin
  • The medium roast delivers great taste and flavor
  • It is also available in the whole bean state
  • Pre-ground coffee

4. Dancing Moon 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

The next product on the list is also pre-ground coffee. But, it sure is better than most other regular whole beans of the Jamaican blue mountain variety. The Dancing Moon 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee secured a spot on our list for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the product doesn’t come with any other coffee beans other than the JBM variety. So, the quality and taste of the coffee are original and consistent. The beans are medium roasted to keep that balance of delivering the right taste by keeping the original aroma. Hence, there is no deviation when trying this coffee.

Another attractive thing about this product is that every time you make a purchase, you will be contributing to charity because the company donates 5% of the profit. So, you will be doing a favor to society as well.

  • 100% Jamaican blue mountain coffee
  • Medium roasted beans
  • Consistent and authentic taste and flavor
  • Certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica
  • 5% Profit from the company goes to charity
  • Pre-ground coffee

5. Magnum Exotics Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Blend

For those of you who are not inclined to pay the high price of 100% JBM coffee, we have this budget-friendly product just for you. But, this will only offer you a blend of coffee beans with the original Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

Apart from the fact that it is a blended product, nothing about it was unpleasant at all. 100% Arabica coffee beans are used for this coffee. So, you can’t go wrong with the taste and flavor that it can deliver. It offers a full-bodied taste with an enticing aroma that is hard to hate. The manufacturers roast the beans in small batches to ensure a delicate experience with every sip.

However, don’t expect to consume this product as a direct substitute for the original 100% JBM coffee. But, all in all, at such an affordable price range, you will hardly find a product that gives such a close experience. Besides, we believe this one to be an excellent choice to get introduced to the world of JBM coffee.

  • Budget-friendly
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Great taste and flavor
  • A blended product
  • It does not taste like the original JBM coffee

Why is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee so Expensive?

Restricted space issues – Not just do these beans originate from a little island with constrained espresso developing regions, yet they likewise need to explicitly originate from one of only a couple of various areas on the island to be certified JBM beans.

They can be tedious to develop – They likewise take around ten months to develop – twice the long run of the typical espresso beans – making them significantly progressively hard to deliver on a huge scale. In case you’re lounging around sitting tight twice as long for your espresso beans to develop, you can wager there will be a considerable amount less to circumvent when reap season at long last arrives.

Free market activity- The Japanese have “cornered the JBM showcase” in a manner of speaking, by consistently purchasing up as much as an incredible 80% of the majority of the beans delivered. That leaves only an unimportant 20% of the absolute JBM beans accessible to the remainder of the world. Discussion about taking an uncommon thing and making it considerably harder to discover!

The expense of making a tip-top item – notwithstanding reality issues, there’s the expense of production to factor into the condition. The espresso trees grow in little gatherings regularly in exceptionally steep places throughout the mountains, where specialists need to make careful arrangements to get to them.

Notwithstanding the nerve-racking perils of gathering, each and every bean is hand-reviewed through a meticulous framework that treats their item like gold, getting rid of imperfections and ensuring that simply the best, most uniform beans make it into the packs. In light of this, it’s imperative to keep a point of view. These beans are truly tried, and purchasers should remember this when shopping. These specialists merit their well-deserved wages. They’ve gone well beyond for that cuppa you’re desiring!

Step by Step Instructions to Brew Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

For best outcomes, you should utilize the immersion method, for example, drip pot, French Press, or a percolator. Utilizing this strategy will enable you to get each piece of flavor out of the ground espresso.

  • Immersion is known to be each espresso specialist’s preferred technique for preparing in light of the fact that it enables the heated water to haul out the oil superior to some other strategy.
  • The ideal measuring is 2 level tablespoons of Blue Mountain Coffee per 8oz serving. Try not to hold up until the espresso is bubbling, and for best taste, attempt to expend it inside 45 minutes.

What is the Best Way to Store the Coffee?

As opposed to prevalent thinking, putting away espresso in your cooler isn’t the best decision. As a matter of fact, it’s anything but a decent decision by any means. Particularly for espresso that does not cost $5. Putting away espresso, be it beans or ground, in a chilly situation, gradually and relentlessly ransacks the characteristic dampness from the item.

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Rather, the most ideal approach to store your espresso is by utilizing an airtight container that has a degassing valve. Then again, most Blue Mountain Coffee sacks come furnished with this valve.

The holder should then be put away in a dry and room temperature condition, not in the ice chest or cooler. Hear the heavenly attendants sing while you take your first taste, valuing the smoothness, the liveliness, the spotless flavor. Ensure you get a decent whiff of it, as well, and pause for a minute to welcome the florals.

Blue Mountain Coffee may disappoint get and cost a pretty penny, yet you’ll rapidly find that it was all justified, despite all the trouble. As should be obvious, we’re enthusiasts of the stuff, and we’re sure you will be as well. Make the most of your Jamaican Blue Mountain espresso and don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us with any inquiries, remarks, or concerns!

Final Verdicts: Best Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Final Words: Our Recommendation

We reviewed all the above five products as comprehensively and honestly as possible. It would be best if you know that we had to try multiple similar products from well-known brands to come up with this list. However, we do realize that there may be one or two brands that others prefer over these. But then again, picking the best JMB coffee is totally subjective as like any other coffee. So, it is time for you to make a pick from this list by weighing the pros and cons and taking guidance from the buying guide section that we have already included.

Nonetheless, we believe there is always a need for a recommendation for some people if not all. So, based on our experience with the brands, we can say a thing or two that might help you in the decision-making process.

Overall Best Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

If you want to try the best Jamaican blue mountain coffee and are willing to pay any price for that, we cannot but recommend the Volcanica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. It is simply unbeatable from an overall perspective.

Budget Best Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

For those of you who are on a tight budget or are trying to get a new experience with this coffee, your best bet would be to go for the Magnum coffee. While it’s true that the product is a blend, it is also true that you simply don’t have an option to get a 100% JBM Coffee at a cheap budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place to buy Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

Sadly, the best place to buy Jamaican blue mountain coffee is the island itself. You won’t get a more authentic coffee other than that. But, that is not always feasible. So, you can order them online from well-known brands that are proven to deliver fresh coffee.

Is a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee worth it?

If you want to be one of the few lucky people to actually afford one of the greatest coffees on earth, then the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is totally worth every penny.

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