Best Dual Brew Coffee Makers

Best Dual Brew Coffee Makers 2022: Top Pick, Used & Reviewed

Best Dual Brew Coffee Makers 2022: It will never taste the same at home as it does at the shop, no matter how good you’re at brewing coffee. That’s why single-serve coffee machines are so popular: with minimal clean-up needed, they carry your favorite mocha latte right to your kitchen.

But is it the right option to purchase? Since you can brew single-serve on one hand and standard coffee pots on the other, dual brew machines seem smarter. Plus, several are built to accommodate many single-serve packs for other brands, such as K-cups, pods, or adaptors. So, let’s explore the best dual brews, coffee makers.

Top 6 Best Dual Brew Coffee Makers 2022 (Buyers’ Guide)

1. Cuisinart SS-15 Dual Brew Coffee Maker


In a single stylish gadget, the Cuisinart Coffee Center provides all your coffee needs. On one hand, using a carafe that holds up to a dozen cups of coffee at a time, you can brew coffee grounds. Or you can brew a single serving of your favorite flavor when you’re in a rush or in the mood for something particular.

It’s easier because afterward, there’s no carafe or dirt to clean up. It’s a hi-tech coffee maker with a silhouette of style. But finding out what each button does and how to use it can be a little difficult. To trigger the feature you want, you have to turn the dial to the right function, long-press, then scroll through the options on the LCD screen.

The temperature of your water can also be pre-selected to allow you to brew a steaming cup or a slightly cooler one that you can drink as soon as you serve. Or you might use the auto-on and auto-off functions to guarantee that when you need it, your coffee is always ready.

You can slot your brewing session anywhere within a 24-hour frame, right down to the minute, using the coffee maker. Thanks to all those auto-timer features, it saves energy as well. They’re going to drop your Power Bill dramatically. And you can use the ‘bold’ feature to make your coffee extra powerful if you’ve had a really rough night and need to get your head into the game.

The carafe has an ability marker that helps you to quickly calculate the number of cups you brew. The glass flask has a stylish insulated handle with a stainless-steel insert, so without burning yourself, you can easily load, raise, shift and pour your coffee. The top of the coffee maker has a ‘showerhead’ design and a reusable filter to disperse water through the grounds better.

You can prepare any beverage that comes in a K-cup on the single-serve side. Therefore, you’re not confined to coffee. K-cup versions may also be used for tea, hot cocoa, or even instant soup. Try to prepare ahead-you can’t simultaneously use both sides of the coffee maker.

  • 12 cups brewing capacity
  • Super strong coffee lovers
  • The Control panel is a bit tricky

2. Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Dual Brew Coffee Maker


Their day doesn’t start for a lot of people until they’ve had their first coffee. So you need a coffee maker with a timer if you’re dealing with a cranky non-morning-person. This model from Hamilton allows you to pre-program it for up to two hours. When it’s finished brewing, you can set it to turn off automatically, or it can stay on and keep the coffee warm, but that’s agony on your power bill. For its single-serve side and its coffee grounds, this two-way coffee maker has different reservoirs. For less fuss and spillage, both reservoirs have easy top-loading excesses. They also have water windows to see through so that you can look at your water levels and refill as needed.

It’ll help you remember the measurements of the Hamilton-11.4 inches by 12.2 inches by 13.7 inches. Twelve cups carry it. An intuitive control panel has the best dual brew coffee maker, and this Hamilton qualifies. It has six icon buttons or labels, so you know what exactly they’re doing.

The bottom buttons allow you to decide between brewing a carafe and a single serving. For starting (Brew Now = ON) and coffee powder, the top buttons are. The two keys are buttons for programming. They let you choose characteristics and timing. The coffee maker, right next to the keys, has a digital display screen built-in. With K-cups, the single-serve portion brews 10-ounce mugs.

  • It brews quite quickly and can be paired with Melitta filters.
  • You can program it in two-hour spurts.
  • The coffee maker has two independent reservoirs.
  • Lengthy waiting period

3. Ninja 4-Brew Hot/Cold Dual Brew Coffee Maker



Stealth and flexibility are denoted by the word ‘ninja.’ High levels of ability and a wide skill set are defined. And while this coffee maker has nothing secret or elegant about it, it has many nifty features. Your ninja coffee maker is easy to use because its features are intuitive. For instance, use the buttons instead of attempting to puzzle out the right brewing temperature.

For iced, rich, specialty, or classic coffee, they set the necessary brewing conditions. Such settings can include temperature and brewing conditions for strength. The milk frother allows you to add unique touches, such as coffee art. It swings away and encourages coffee drinks that are foamy. The ninja has a timer and a clock.

A generous range of accessories comes with the coffee maker. It has a filter that is reusable, but you get five paper filters as well. The carafe is made of stainless steel and is double-walled, keeping your coffee warm or cold as desired for better insulation. This jug is capable of containing 43 ounces of coffee.

You still have a tumbler. Without cracking, it can accommodate 18 ounces of chilled or steaming coffee. This coffee maker can be managed easily. It has a feature for self-cleaning, and you can use it about once a month. The ‘drip-stop feature decreases chaos and sticky stains. And this appliance has an Auto IQ feature to take the guesswork out of your coffee making.

Then, pick the thermal brewing style that you like (icy, frothy, etc.). The Auto IQ will then choose your drink’s acceptable temperature and timing. For your brewing needs, it also preselects the right water volume. This ninja will keep your coffee warm for up to two hours in its high atmosphere. A book that has 40 coffee recipes to try out also comes with the coffee maker. Try the 4-brew Ninja if you’re the sort of household who doesn’t take their coffee one way. It offers many more varieties, and you can go from super basic to complicated variations of coffee.

  • It brews in four sizes.
  • The milk frother offers greater variety in brewing styles.
  • The coffee maker comes with a tumbler that can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Takes up a lot of space

4. Keurig K-Duo Dual Brew Coffee Maker


Sometimes, advertisers say buyers don’t know what we want. They tell us we have what we want to be told. That may be why two-way coffee makers have that distinct silhouette-the industry has been ‘educated’ by the public to expect the coffee makers to look and have a certain type. Although the single-serve idea was invented by Keurig (thank you, K-cup!), their branded coffee maker looks very different from its rivals. You may confuse a single-serve coffee carafe with it. You could only buy K-cups when Keurig started. But other brands started to clone compatible pods, and this increased customer access to varieties of coffee, tea, and even soup.

Unlike several coffee makers, there’s a metal carafe in Keurig. This is a thermal jar containing up to a dozen cups at a time. And it will keep your coffee temperature steady for around two hours. The Carafe is equipped with a reusable mesh filter for daily brewing. At the top of the coffee maker, directly above the coffee carafe and drip tray, the control panel is located. For displaying features, this control panel has a small LCD screen. The coffee basket slides out to preserve your coffee grounds on one end of your Keurig Duo. A hidden pocket snaps open on the other end to hold your K-cup.

The K-Duo is almost 15 inches high, and to fit the raised lid of your K-cup basket, you need another 3 or 4 inches of clearance. The appliance is approximately 16 inches long and 8 inches tall. And you don’t have to fight to figure out the brewing power and the density of the coffee scoop. Instead, for a 6, 8, 10, or 12-cup brew, the middle K to confirm, click the button. The number of cups per cup corresponds to the number of ounces per cup. This makes a big coffee or a tiny espresso simple to brew. If you prefer to kick more into your coffee, you can also use the ‘strong’ button. There is an adjustable 60-ounce water tank in this coffee maker.

  • It has a preset for cup number and cup size.
  • The gold-tones re-usable filter is stylish and efficient.
  • This is an entry-level coffee maker

5. DeLonghi BCO 430 Dual Brew Coffee Maker


Coffee is a food group for some of us, and we need the remedy up to 15 times a day. A simple cup to shake off the fogginess of sleep is adequate for some. But for both groups of customers, trendy coffee producers are a major attraction. You want it to either be small enough for storage or low-maintenance enough to require minimal attention if you rarely use it, concerning dust in particular. And you don’t want it to look ugly and dowdy if your coffee maker is in heavy rotation and ‘lives’ on the countertop. The DeLonghi fits all these criteria. It has trendy black and silver dwellings. And it’s a front loader, so it can be tucked into tight corners and spaces that are less available.

The control panel of this coffee maker can look intimidating, but it is straightforward to use. It has timing keys, cup numbers, and espresso settings. For various brewing functionalities, these buttons have LED indicators in red and green. In addition to espressos, the frother lets you prepare complex coffee beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos. And you can get it scheduled 24 hours in advance.

The tank of water contains 14 ounces, and 1500W at 115V is used by the coffee maker. A portion of the front slides allows the coffee grounds and water to be filled conveniently. A trademarked Flavor-Savor brewing system is available for DeLonghi. Each time, it guarantees a better, richer, more aromatic coffee cup.

  • DeLonghi is a mid-range 1500W coffee maker.
  • It has an integrated frothing wand.
  • The pump has 15-bar pressure.
  • It’s a bit bulky in size

6. Kitchen Selectives Dual Brew Coffee Maker


This machine is a dream for a household of coffee guzzlers, pun intended. It has two large carafes of glass containing a dozen cups each. And since each carafe operates independently, you can simultaneously brew various strengths. For a couple who can never agree on normal or decaf, it’s the ideal gift. For weaning teens and twenties into java, it’s also useful. The kids watch you inhale it every day, after all, so you can start them off with something milder until the caffeine can be managed by their systems. Surprise them with a ‘strong’ cup of decaf on exam night that will support their study session.

A capacity marker displays the water levels in the water tank between the two carafes. You may measure the liquid levels at a glance. This gauge is a small see-through window. It looks fantastic on your countertop and repels dirt with its glossy black housing.

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A quick wipe-down is sufficient to keep it clean. This keeps your coffee maker low-maintenance. There are reversible filters. The coffee basket needs a lot of attention, however. And the carafes spill over regularly as they bubble and brew. An auto shut-off feature is included in the two-hour timer, and the coffee maker weighs about 6.6 pounds. Its curvy layout is pleasing, but its fundamental features can be off-putting.

It has a couple of problems, including clogs. Plus, since it doesn’t take pads or K-cups, it’s not a true dual brewer. So, while this coffee maker is pretty, it’s a low feature, high maintenance unit. On surfaces vulnerable to water damage, stop using it.

  • It has two carafes that brew independently.
  • You can make up to 24 cups of coffee simultaneously.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It’s positioned as a dual brewer but it doesn’t take K-cups.

Conclusion: Best Dual Brew Coffee Makers 2022

In this article, we have tried to give you an idea about the best dual brew coffee maker on the market at present. All the choices that we have shown here will be good for you for sure. But in our eyes, the best of the bests in the Hamilton 49976. In three minutes, this superfast computer makes coffee.

It brews up to 14 ounces in its single-serve portion. Its daily brewer produces 12 cups at a go. There is a two-hour timer on the auto-shut-off. Hamilton is flexible enough for K-cups, pods, and grounds to be accepted. Using the ‘brew power’ feature, you can easily tweak your coffee concentration. There are two different water tanks at the coffee maker. It comes with a coffee-based basket and a K-cup holder. For all these reasons, we consider Hamilton 49976 as the best of all the options out there.

But keep in your mind that all the options shown here are some of the bests out there in the market. So you can buy any one of these without any hesitation with just a click from the links given above. So, hurry up and buy your most favorite from the list now!

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