Best BPA-Free Coffee Makers

Best BPA-Free Coffee Makers: Top Choices & Buyer’s Guide 2022

Top 7 Best BPA-Free Coffee Makers 2022: There is a lot of producers to consider when shopping for your coffee maker, especially the durability and safety of certain manufacturing materials. You may be concerned about health risks that are associated with certain plastic parts in coffee makers, so we’ve put together this list of BPA-free coffee makers to compare and review. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Bisphenol A (BPA) is something to avoid and you likely worry about BPA in coffee makers.

What is the best BPA-free coffee maker? It can feel confusing, frustrating, and plain old impossible when you are trying to figure out how to make coffee without exposing yourself and your family to the risks of BPA.

What Is BPA?

Since the 1960s, BPA, or Bisphenol A, has been an integral part of polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resin manufacturing. In the case of polycarbonate plastics, the durable material it creates is frequently used for food and beverage containers. Epoxy resins may be used to coat the interior of metal food and beverage containers to create a rust-resistant barrier between the food and metal surface.

BPA is a part of many other products outside of food and beverage storage, but the role it plays in that industry has come under intense scrutiny. In recent years, research shows that this chemical can wind up inside the food or beverage product it’s storing.

Top 7 Best BPA-Free Coffee Makers with Pros & Cons


1. OXO BREW BPA-Free Coffee Maker:


Best BPA-Free Coffee Makers 202o

It would be a coffee crime not to include a BPA-free coffee maker that is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) This is a sweet machine that makes a great cup of coffee. The OXO ON has a Barista Brain. And the world is better for it. All you have to do is decide how much coffee you want and the machine does the rest. It knows the amount of water it needs and manages the temperature. Meaning all you have got to try and do is begin the method and drink it.

This BPA-free coffee maker heats water to the optimal temperature, which allows the bean to give you its best flavor. And it keeps the coffee heat – that is reason to cheer. Water is pumped to the brew basket in timed cycles – including the initial short cycle so that the coffee can bloom, which allows for full flavor extraction. Its intelligent microprocessor monitors the temperature, time and volume to make sure you get the best brew possible. And there is a single-serve function, which means you don’t need to make a whole pot of coffee when you are going solo.

  • The thermal carafe keeps coffee hot without a heating plate
  • Clear glass reservoir makes it easy to check water levels
  • Showerhead style water dispenser fully saturates coffee grounds
  • Requires a lot of counter space and height clearance for ease of use
  • Smaller brewing capacity than products in the same range and style
  • May not be as easy to clean all components as other automatic coffee makers

2. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup BPA Free Coffeemaker:


BPA-Free Coffee Makers

This kitchen appliance is basic and its value reflects that. It’s pretty cheap – but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make good coffee. Mr. Coffee BPA-free coffee maker makes a good cup of coffee, it’s cheap as hell and it’s one of their BPA-free models. This isn’t the most magical coffee maker you will come across, but for those on a budget who want good BPA-free coffee, this is a no-brainer.

  • Pauses brewing if the carafe is moved mid-cycle to pour a cup
  • The small build takes up very little counter space
  • Glass carafe does not retain residue or odor when cleaned properly
  • Pauses brewing if the carafe is moved mid-cycle to pour a cup
  • The small build takes up very little counter space
  • Glass carafe does not retain residue or odor when cleaned properly

3. Cuisinart 14-Cup BPA-Free Coffee Maker:


Best BPA-Free Coffee Makers 2020

This 14-cup programmable coffee maker makes a great-tasting, hot cup of coffee. This is apprehension for any Cuisinart BPA-free coffee maker on the market. The majority of their coffee manufacturers are BPA-free. With this coffee maker, you have options for the flavor profiles (regular or bold) and you can set the brew time up to 24 hours ahead, so your coffee is ready and waiting for you. It has a backlit LCD screen, which means it is very easy to read and it tells you when it’s time to decalcify.

  • Gold-tone filter is easy to clean and allows for a full-flavored brew every time
  • 1-4 cup setting for smaller volume brew cycles
  • User-controlled auto-shutoff between 0-4 hours
  • Unable to change the temperature of water for brewing
  • The carafe is not thermal, which means coffee can cool quickly
  • Heating plate may alter the flavor of coffee by continuing to cook it

4. Hamilton Beach Brew Station BPA Free Coffee Maker:


This Hamilton Beach BPA-free coffee maker is a little different than what you might expect. It doesn’t come with a pot or a carafe, but you can make up to 12 cups, and draw them one at a time. It keeps coffee tasting great for up to four hours and works like the traditional drip brewer, but it brews into an internal tank instead of into a pot in front of you. And it helps you to customize your coffee with choices like daring, iced, or maybe little batch. It’s a little bit of technological magic that results in good coffee, all day long.

  • Settings allow you to brew best for hot or iced coffee servings
  • Choose a regular or bold brew strength
  • Small and large capacity brewing selections
  • Extended or heavy use can cause the coffee dispenser to drip
  • Condensation can occur due to the internal reservoir remaining hot
  • Does not slide easily, so storage under a cabinet can be tedious

5. Bonavita 8-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer:


Premium quality=expensive price. Although that is not often the case, this is one product that proves how you have to spend to enjoy an unrivaled performance. With a one-touch brew operation, simplicity is one of the things that give it a competitive edge. Aside from being user-friendly, it is also worth noting that it is powered by a 1400-watt motor that heats the water quickly at a temperature range of 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, with the design of the showerhead, it can provide the best saturation and extraction, assuring that your coffee will taste as if it has been prepared by a trained barista. Plus, because it is BPA-free, there is no plastic aftertaste in your drink! The durability of this product is also hard to match, making the price worth it!

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The carafe is made of long-lasting stainless steel that is also capable of keeping the coffee warm for hours. All other parts are also made to withstand the test of time. Nonetheless, while simplicity can be a good thing, for some, this is seen as a disadvantage. It does not give you complete control of the process. You won’t be able to set the brew strength or the timer.

  • Showerhead dispenser and cone-style basket designed to produce optimal flavor
  • The internal gauge monitors water for consistent temperature
  • One-touch brewing ability with automatic shutoff
  • Creates condensation on cabinets too close to its steam vents
  • No programmable features available such as a timer or brew strength
  • No clock display or adjustable settings

6. Presto Stainless-Steel Coffee Maker:


BPA-Free Coffee Makers

Percolators are making a bit of a comeback, as are many vintage items. And this particular model is stylish, hard-working and long-lasting. While it takes a bit of time to make the coffee, something is soothing about having coffee percolating on the stovetop. This model makes great-tasting coffee that is hot and full of flavor. Made of stainless steel, it makes 2 to 12 cups and keeps the brew hot.

  • Brews two to 12 cups quickly
  • Keeps coffee hot
  • Easy-pour spout
  • Easy to clean
  • The aluminum nut inside corrodes
  • Poor construction
  • Inconsistent coffee
  • No warming mode
  • Metallic taste

7. Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffee Brewer:


Best BPA-Free Coffee Makers 2020

Pour-over coffee makers have become a popular option for people who want to control their coffee’s extraction method with precision and expertise. This Chemex model, which is made of a non-porous glass that’s easy to keep clean and odor-free, allows you to brew like a pro. Don’t let its simple appearance fool you, this is a preferred device for coffee champions around the world.

  • Stylish design
  • It results in great coffee
  • You can refine your approach to meet your tastes
  • Pour-over coffee takes some time to learn how to do it right
  • The carafe is fragile
  • It takes time to make the coffee

Best BPA-Free Coffee Makers- The Final Verdict

Finding the Best BPA-Free Coffee Makers for you shouldn’t be an onerous task that you put off. With the knowledge you now have, it should come down to what kind of process you want, as well as your budget. Hopefully, you have learned something about BPA that you didn’t already know.

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You want to stay as healthy as possible to live a long life, and finding the right coffee maker can help lead you in the right direction since it’s an item you will use every day.

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